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1/24 - A red letter day (part 3)
I don't know if I can handle much more of this. I just got home from my mother's. We had a long talk about me, Michelle, and I. And I cried, and she hugged me, and told me that she will always love me. And like my daughter; she didn't accept me, she embraced me. She says she doesn't understand a lot about what I think and feel; but only because she has thought and felt like that her entire life. But she understood everything about how I have come to this point. Even about me raiding her lingerie drawer when I was much younger, to me starting hormones, to the very likely prospect of getting a boob job. And my mother is taking me to Soma's, dressed as Michelle should be in public, to shop for bras and panties. I am so blessed, beyond words. I do so love my family, and that includes all of you. Michelle Heart

Oh, silly me forgot to add this tidbit. As it turns out, if I had been female at my actual birth, my name would have been Michelle. WOW! I never knew that one....... Love, Michelle Heart

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1/24 - A red letter day (part 3) - by MichelleL - 01-24-2019, 12:12 PM
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