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It is such a shame there isn't more Pics of all the girls on here i personally love to look at all of you such beauty needs to be shared
Josie, oh, I can certainly post some pictures. But the one thing I have found is that you have to reduce the resolution so the size is small enough to upload. Oh well. Here are some from my makeover...... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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Michelle...agree with you on the frustration with the pic resolution.  I can understand that the webmaster doesn't want us posting 10MB pics but c'mon, 500kb is nothing.
BTW, my pictures always end up being turned sideways...what's the secret so they don't do that when I post them?
Anne, I have no idea about the 'sideways' issue. I just take the original picture, bring it up in Microsoft Paint, and keep reducing the size until it is below the size limit, save it, and then post it. Go figure. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
NIce Michelle.
Under 'Favorite Outfit' I posted a couple ideas for some steamy pictures. And I am certainly in favor of some suggestions.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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