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Getting Braver
Just want to share a new step for me. This started on Monday, I went to Adult Mart to purchase a nightie to wear (my wife is out town) and the sales lady knew right away I was looking for something for me. She was extremely helpful in picking out a nightie for me. She also suggested an anal toy to help me feel more feminine. Tuesday night I dressed and slept in my nightie for the entire night. In the past I would chicken out and remove the nightie. Wednesday night the feeling to be Gina was strong. So I laid out I the clothes I bought from Torrid in anticipation of my wife being away. I put on my new bra, blue top with a choker chain, garter style hose, black panties and almost my skirt, but decided to put on sweatpants. I went back to the Adult Mart to see what else I could get. Forgetting it was the night before Valentines day. The store was crowded. I walked it and immediately another sales lady came up to me and said how nice my choker was. It was part of the top. I walked around the store waiting for the girl who helped me the night before. I told her how I almost wore my skirt into the store. She  talked to me and told me to never be afraid to be who I am. She made me feel great. I left the store with a vibrating toy which I went home and tried out. Fantastic. The words of the clerk stuck with me. I put on my skirt and drove back to the store. Thought for a moment, got out of my car, put my jacket back in the car and walked into the store. There were 3 men and a lady shopping. The 3 sales ladies all loudly stated how proud they were of me. Heads turned, but not a negative comment. I stayed in the store talking and inside hoping that the couple in the store may want to take me home to be their Valentine treat. No such luck. I can say enough about how I felt being out in public. The amazing part to be was I had no make up on or a wig. I was there as a man in woman's clothes. I promised the girls when I have a transformation that I will be back as Gina. Smile Smile Heart Heart Heart
Gina, isn't it wonderful how accepting people can be. It is a shame that the few bad people out there, ruin it for a lot of others. Being dressed, and out, just feels so good; so right. I only have to 'out' to a few more people, and I will be out full time. No more of those drab, disgusting, male clothes. And then I will be totally free to just be 'me'.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
wow. Congratulations Gina!.
Jennifer  Heart  
You are now "Gusto Grabbing Gina"! Well done!
The fun part will be to see if they recognize you/remember you when you return to the store after the transformation.  Congratulations Gina.
Trying to find a salon in Cleveland that can transform me today. I have a very strong feeling that I can't resist. I have to go back to the Adult Mart tomight. I sitting here dressed and ready to get transformed, but no place to go. I will keep trying. Any suggestions??

Love, Gina

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