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TGirl Nation cocktail party
We ladies; I left my mother's, fully dressed, then headed for another makeover (damn Beth has a knack for making anything hot!), then went and checked into the hotel. It was the Holiday Inn in Arlington, VA. Nice place, and very friendly staff. I had dinner in the hotel restaurant, and my waiter addressed me properly on several occasions. Then I went to the cocktail party. All sorts of wonderful women, and a nice bar too. The bartenders and wait staff were very nice and friendly. I was able to meet and talk with lots of wonderful women, from all walks of life, and situations. And before I knew it, it was well after midnight, and time to head back to my room.

But, even without the company of a nice warm man next to me to round out the night; I had a wonderful time. But, I'm sure you all know this, never sleep in an underwire bra. No matter how tired you are, put on a nice soft cotton bra before bed.... I've got a rub mark under my boobs that is sore as hell. But it was the second time I have slept with breast forms. Hey, it's practice for when I have real ones (more on that in another post). Well, I am beat and going to bed. Pleasant dreams ladies. Love you, Michelle Heart Heart
Michelle it sounds like you had a great time at the Cocktail party and even though you did not have any company I am sure that you turned a lot of heads. Hopefully you took some pictures of you in your cocktail dress, I am sure that it was beautiful. All the best in your future adventures Erin
Well Erin, in all my excitement, and frankly nervousness; I never asked anyone to take a picture of me with my phone. Several other ladies took all sorts of pictures; but my little brain was more interested in looking for.... Well, you understand. Anyway, as soon as some get posted to the The DC Regional Trans Ladies' Community & Events website, I'll post the one's of me. I just hope I don't have the deer in the headlights look! Love, Michelle Heart Heart [url=][/url]
Thankfully someone else posted some pictures. They one of me standing up... Well, I have my coat on, and the picture is kinda dark (I'm not that big). And the other one is me in the lower left corner and that is the guy I was talking to. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart

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It looks like you and everyone was having a fun time.   Was there any gurl that stood out from the crowd?  (Of course, we all want to think it was you  Big Grin )
Well, it sure wasn't me. I just wanted to gain the experience; and it was a good experience too. There were several girls that stood out. Real short dresses and skirts. a few male hands on exposed feminine thighs too. I wish I could go to the St. Patrick's party, but no such luck. Oh well, love you all. Michelle Heart Heart

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