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Tentative transition timeline
Okay, so blame it on the old engineer thinking brain..... Yes, 'he' did leave me some good traits; and I still love him for all he did before I became Michelle; but.... So, here is my 'plan', which is subject to change and modification as time goes on. I have already started hair removal (laser for now and then completion with electrolysis). And I go to see the doctor and start HRT on Feb. 26th. Depending on what the doctor says, and how much change I get from HRT, AND I get all of my facial and torso body hair removed, then I will schedule top surgery. I want to do it in the summer, so it looks more like next summer I will have my own set of real boobs.

Anyone want to have a fun 'engineering challenge'? Do a cost/benefit analysis of the cost of breast forms, adhesive, and adhesive remover, versus the cost of a boob job, and see how long you would be wearing breast forms before it would be cheaper to get a boob job. Since real boobs are on each day, you would need to figure that you would be wearing forms each day as well. And that assumes you are full time.

Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart
I hope all goes well for you.  I think some of us, myself included, are vicariously placing ourselves in your position.  How I wish I was the one doing HRT and planning surgery to feminize myself further.   If you are in the frame of mind to do so, I hope you will share some of your experiences here as you progress along your journey.  You have all of our support. Heart
Oh, I will certainly make sure you all know what happens, and how things are going. I depend on you all to set me straight when I start to screw up. And I want to make sure you all get the benefit of any of my mistakes, and accomplishments. Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart
Well, I got there early, as I always seem to do. Paperwork was all filled out and ready to go. "Michelle?" I get up, grab my coat and purse and walk to the door. "Right this way to the right. Signey is ready to see you now."

I walk into her office and sit down. After our introductions, we start going over the forms. And we sit and chat. And then she explains the process, and then I'm back to the waiting room to wait to get blood work done.

"Michelle?" Again I get up, grab my coat and purse, and walk toward another door. "Hello, I'm so-and-so (I can't remember her name), and I'll be drawing your blood today", as we walk toward her room. "So which arm do you prefer? Etc, etc, etc.....

I know, you are just dying to find out the end of this episode. Right? No. Soap operas never get to any conclusion.... Duh, we are girls. Don't they expect us to watch soap operas?????

So, anyway, long story short. I understand what is going on, I signed the Consent Form. I go back in two weeks to give them time to go over the results of the blood work. They have three options; patches, pills, or injections. Patches can sometime irritate the skin and have a lower dosage, injections have the highest dosage but aren't suited for 'mature' women like me, and pills give the lower dosage but don't have the issues that patches do. I feel kinda like Goldilocks; which porridge is best.

Will Michelle's testosterone levels be down in the basement? Will she get the pills? Will a long mane of beautiful brunette hair suddenly spring from her head? Will boobs spontaneously sprout from her chest? Will Jason happen to walk down the hall, and drop to his knees, begging me to marry him? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Tentative Transition Timeline".

Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart

BTW, copyright notice here. I guess I should start look for an agent to handle the rights to my story for a Netflix mini-series......
Breast augmentation surgery can cost between 6 and 15 thousand, USD, depending on the type of implant and the doctor.
SRS can run you between 15,000 and 25,000 USD, again, depending on the doctor. Overseas costs would be considerably less, even including airfare and accommodations. But, you would be in a foreign country...
Hormones are very variable, depending on Insurance and location, although you can get a prescription for hormones at Planned Parenthood. They use an "informed consent" format to issue them. You would still have to have the 'scrip filled at a pharmacy and spend some $$ to get the pills. Injectables are usually obtained at the Doctor's Office, but can also be prescribed for 'at home' usage, as well as a dermal transference scrip.
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
Okay. Change #1: I figure by Christmas I will have 9 months of HRT under my 'skirt'. So I'm going to start looking into giving myself a couple of nice Christmas 'presents'; namely, left boob & right boob. If the HRT gives me more breast tissue, so much the better. Like the song says; "we want the world, and we want it now". Well, "I want my boobs, and I want them now". Breast forms are great, but up to a point with me. I'm self conscious of them, and I hate when any part of them 'peeks' out of my bra. I know, I'm weird.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Change # 2 (Potential). So, you know those two 'nasty nuisances' I may have mentioned in the past? Well, on a lark today, I typed in Orchiectomy on my browser, and came across Dr. Hope Sherie at the Cosmetic Concierge in Charlotte, NC. Well ladies, Dr. Hope performs that surgery. And with just a letter from the "medical physician if you are already taking testosterone blockers or estrogen therapy". Well, I will be seeing my medical professional about my hormones next Tuesday. She has indicated I will probably be on pills for my hormones. And I may suggest the Orchiectomy as a transition away from some of the pills. Besides, those things are always in the way, I don't need them, and my panties would fit way better. Woohoo; it's a three-fer.... Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Well ladies, the deal has been done. Prescription was in hand, and filled at the pharmacy. At 5:00pm today, I took my first dose of Estradiol. Not much to start out with, but I see the 'doctor' in 3 months, and if things are going well, we will up the dose. The longest journey starts with those first few steps. Well, these are those steps. Love you, Michelle Heart Heart
Hi Michelle,
Best wishes as you continue on your journey. May everything go your way as you wish it to.
Thank you Anne.That means a lot to me. It's weird though. On one hand, it is kind of scary. Taking everything I know about how I used to be, and just chuck it out the window. Completely learn a new way of thinking, and approaching things. Building new, and different, relationships with people; some of which I have not met, nor probably ever get the chance to meet.

But on the other hand, a new world, just waiting for me to grasp hold of it. To be free of all the burdens I have always had to deal with. To relax for once. To feel good about how I look and feel. To be happy with myself.

Yes, there will be people that look at me as some kind of freak. But hey, "I don't mind, because they don't matter".

So, when I wake up from anesthesia, with my two "Christmas presents" firmly, and forever, attached; I will be as complete as I can be (facial and body hair removal, and my Orchiectomy completed beforehand). Then all my 'male' clothes are destined to Goodwill. And then I will be doing what all women do - GO SHOPPING! I will need a completely new wardrobe. And I've always thought lingerie dressers were so feminine; so I have to get one. Love you all, Michelle Heart Heart

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