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I'm not exactly tech savvy...
So, does anyone know how to go about setting up a video conference call? And how many girls could be on at one time? Okay, so we all live all over the place, and I was thinking that if we could do it, a bunch of of could have a virtual slumber party. You know, all in our nightgowns (or whatever!), fix a bunch of our favorite drinks, connect via a video conference call (Skype maybe), and just sit and chat about clothes, makeup, nails, shaving our legs, and GUYS....... Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Yes, in the absence of actually getting together, it would be. A bunch of giggling, slightly intoxicated ladies, dressed in their nightgowns all just talking and enjoying their lives. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
Sounds like a fun idea.  I would think a group Skype would be the way to do it although I've never attempted such a thing.  Not sure of the practicality of it for some of us including me.   Since my SO is with me all the time at night, I would not be able to participate but I would be there in spirit.  Have a drink for you're all really going to get drunk.  Shy

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