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Halloween 2019
As the last rays of sunlight recede and darkness approaches; Michelle shall rise from her coffin. Her long, straight black hair falling gracefully down her back and shoulders. Her skin, white as snow, contrasting with the black eyes, black full lips, and long black nails. Her body, encased in a solid black corset, with black garters holding up her midnight black stockings. Her feet, planted in her black heels. A long black high neck cape wraps her, keeping her deathly cold body warm. A few drops of fresh blood trickle down the corner of her lips. Yes, tonight, Halloween, Michelle will be searching for an unsuspecting male victim. A young virgin male, that she can drain dry of his fluids. A young male that will forever be in her power, under her control. To do his Mistress' bidding.

Yes, mothers will be afraid for their son's 'well being'. But be afraid poor woman; Michelle will be out on the hunt, and there is nothing you can do to protect him. He will be lost the moment my tongue snakes it's way up his neck. His eye's will roll back in his head, and he will be mine. All mine. Lost to you forever. All mine, as he worships me. Just like all the other's, throughout the centuries before him. So locking your doors will do no good; when I ring that bell, you will shake in terror as you watch your son open the door. You will drop to you knees, crying, as you hear me say, "trick or treat"..... Bloody kisses, Michelle

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