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Thanks for the advice. I always try to blend. In stores, the mall, restaurants and such I've been ignored (probably good), noticed without reaction, smiled at, laughed at, and gotten the 'stink-eye' from a WalMart cashier! I was walking my dogs in the park once and a group of Asian college students stopped to pet my pups, then definitely took cell pix of me.... The only scary encounter was a guy in our (now closed) KMart with his family. I was back trying on shoes and he made me from the register area in the front. He started to stomp back twice, then got hold of himself and went back to the register. I didn't know if I was going to need to use the tiny bit of karate I know (after kicking off my heels) or not.
I did buy a taser for general protection walking in the woods. I just replaced its dead battery as I plan to head into the city for a makeover in a month or so. I'll have it in my purse, just in case.

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