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Good morning
   Good morning everybody. I am a newbie. My name is Tammy. I have been on and off crossdressing all my life. I started very young, (like 10.). I love the feeling of being dressed. I also LOVE high heels. Just can not get enough of wearing them. Any how, I am just a fun open minded CDer, who just loves being friendly and chatting. Have a great day all.

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Welcome, and keep looking sharp!
Heart Davina Heart
Welcome to the forum Tammy.  So glad to have you join us here.  Wow!!!!  Great legs dear!!!  Love your short skirt and top too.
Welcome Tammy! I am rather new to this forum as well. I am a retired trans woman who now lives my life pretty much 24/7 as a woman. I love it! I go out pretty much every day now to the mall, restaurants, library, grocery shopping, etc., as Suzy. Never a problem. I’m always treated as a female. Have fun, hugs, Suzy

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