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Hi I'm Jessray and new to this forum. I first found myself interested in womans clothing as a young boy, probably 8 or 9, opening my moms underwear drawer and feeling how soft and mesmerizing everything was, it is still a mystery too me as to why I found myself doing this, but I think that's another topic lol. Through the following years I found myself going from totally ignoring this feeling too various stages of acceptance. I have been caught in a repeating cycle of living with the feeling to feeling confused and guilty in which I would throw everything away only to have that deep feeling for my Feminine side arise again. Now in my 50's I finally have come to embrace Jessray, she makes me feel complete. I'm and have always been a secret dresser only to share my feelings with others on various Web Sites. However I found a beautiful pair of heels here and instead of email some questions  I called and spoke with someone at the store, it really felt liberating to be chatting freely about buying High Heels, she was very nice. Anyway I tend to ramble on abit. Thanks for listening I hope chime in from time to time and hope to meet some friends. Love Jessray.
Welcome to Janets forum I’m glad to see new people coming on and talking about their secrets I am the same as you I started when I was very young could never get over the feeling I’ve gone through my mothers chores also now I dressed as much as I can I hope to see more post post from you and also maybe a pic would love to see you in the heels you just got hang in thereLove Josie

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