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Celeste from Detroit
Suzy, you're so pretty....

I don't think I'd find much at thoe stores. Maybe Lane Bryant or similar...

Either way I'm still not confident enough to go into a mainstream store dressed just yet. Heck, It took severall years to gather the courage to go to Janet's at all, much less dressed. ;-)
(07-07-2019, 03:56 PM)Celeste Wrote: Hi everyone. I'm Celeste from the Detroit area . I've been dressing occasionally (mostly panties and some lingerie) since I was a kid. I'm very closeted - too many people in my life would never understand - but I do so love to dress and practice with makeup when I can.

After two years of wanting to - and even getting my car as the parking lot before driving away -  I visited Janet's. I was SO scared and nervous I could barely speak, but the young lady helped me make some selections, measured me to get the right sized babydoll and made me feel good about what I was buying. This was my first ever venture out of my home being "out of the closet" so to speak (by being in Janet's Closet}. I've never looked anyone in the eye before and told them I wanted lady's clothes for myself. Everything I've ever bought before was "for my wife"...

The experience was amazing! I wish I had summoned up the courage a long time ago. It felt so good talking to someone who knew i was a cross dresser (I think I may be trans - haven't worked that out. I'm just me ) and it was perfectly normal to her. No feeling of judgement , and even encouragement for buying pretty things for myself. I'll definitely be back there. Maybe even do a transformation! 

It looks like there are others here in similar situations. I'd love to make friends - and even explore other experience in public that I've been terrified to try.

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Rachel Heart

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