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New girl in town
[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]Hello everyone [/font][/font]
[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]This is my first post.  It feels good to take a this step in the direction that so many of you now live comfortably. However, like a lot of you, this my “dirty” little secret. I suppose I’ve had episodes of cross dressing throughout my life. Usually, just to add some excitement to a masterbation session.  These episodes came and went and finally, went away for a long time.  Sometime later through my job I met a woman who was very friendly to me and we would have daily interaction.  We eventually became comfortable with one another and began chatting online.  Of course online conversations are often more candid.  It’s easier to say or admit things that one might not want to face to face.  And so our  chats became more and more sexual.  We began sharing porn pics of things that excited us. She always steered the conversation/pics toward trying get me to admit that I might try on some of the sexy girls lingerie or that I was curious about some of the mens nice cocks.  I guess she saw something in me that I didn’t know about myself.   In time she began having me try on her niece’s panties, bras and bikinis and buy me thigh highs, teddys, heels and more.  It was such a rush to have her check the fit—running her fingers along the leg openings and modeling for her.  Soon she would have me dressed and on my knees sucking dildos from her lap. And eventually, taking my girly virginity.   I felt so ashamed the first two times, but after a few days I wanted more.  The third time she took me was the first time I really experienced feeling like a woman and loving it. Something changed for me.  There was no more shame or judgment of my feelings.  I knew I had a very feminine side and I liked it.   Unfortunately, like many,  it’s something I have to hide.  My wife, family and friends would be shocked.   I’ve been to Janet’s once bought breast forms and a bra.  I wear them and other things every chance I get— which isn’t often. I’d love to get completely dressed and made up. I’m 5’ 10 130,  so I have a girly figure and think I could look pretty good. Wish I had started in my teens!  So, I’m looking for advice on how people get away with everything—getting made up, dressed—where to go. Then how to get out of it all and come home with no traces of makeup.  Seems like a lot of work.  My wife does travel. So, there are some opportunities.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  By for now girls![/font][/font]
[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]Jamie[/font][/font]
Welcome to the forums!

Browse the threads, lots of great advice and very friendly folks. Smile

A suggestion: The font you use is a little bit big, you might want to reduce the size a bit. Smile
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
Thanks for the tip.  Having a lot of problems doing this on my IPhone  Undecided   Also, how can I edit my profile?

I found how to edit. Thanks anyway!
Hi Jamie,
Thanks so much for sharing and welcome to the forum.  I noticed your use of "dirty" in your discussion.  I hope you don't feel that way.  I go back to my childhood and my Catholic upbringing and reflect on the shame we were inspired to feel with "dirty" thoughts.  It's not our fault that the cosmic baker made our dough a bit different from the others.  For myself, I identify as being TG and am disgusted with the male anatomy I was born with.  I dress to make me feel closer to being the woman that I believe I should have been.  My thoughts don't apply to everyone here of course.  Many simply enjoy the feel and look of women's clothing and kudos to them for participating.  I'll finish up my diatribe just to say that you are not alone with these thoughts.  Toss away those thoughts about feeling "dirty" and I hope you fully enjoy this beautiful world of women's clothing and dressing as such.

You were asking advice on a number of topics.  I'll discuss a couple things so do continue to ask advice.  You might find some of your answers in the various categories set up in the forum.  You'll see a category on makeup, etc.  But if you don't see something, then please don't be shy about asking.  I would also comment that if you notice you have a question about something that belongs in a particular category, do please post your question/comment within that category so others may read the followup comments/advice.  Otherwise the forum becomes a mishmash of everything.

I gather that your wife is or would be unaccepting of your dressing.  So one thing you need to address is where are you gonna stash your clothing, makeup, breastforms, etc. where she cannot find it.  For me, I have an unfinished basement with a work area near the furnace where I store my things in plastic containers.  Not the best way to store stuff but she hates going into the basement unless she needs something and she never goes by my work area.  If you try to hide your stuff in a dresser drawer or in the back of a closet, what are the chances she may come across it?  So you have that to think about.

Opportunities to dress....that is a tough one and the bane of the closeted dresser.   For me, I try to take advantage of those times when I know my wife will be gone for at least two hours...a shower, shopping, breakfast meetings with friends.   What helps me with tracking her is that we both have an app on our iPhones called Lifetime 360.  With this app, I can track her on my phone....when I see on the phone that she is making her way back home, I immediately take off my things to pack and hide them away.  Please note with Lifetime 360, you need to set up a group and invite her into the group on the app so you are able to track her.  Just loading the app onto your phone doesn't give you access to tracking her.  I am currently getting laser and electrolysis treatments to remove hair which my wife does not know about.  So when I go to those spas for my treatments, I turn off the app on my phone so she cannot see where I am at.  A couple of times she has mentioned she couldn't see me on the app and I simply shrug it off by saying the app must have not been working....of course by the time I am back home, I have turned the app back on.

So I have touched on a couple things here.  Welcome again.



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