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The Transition Pill - Chapter 2 The First Transition
(09-20-2019, 02:13 PM)Suzy Wrote:
(09-19-2019, 07:03 PM)Anne Wrote: Chapter 2 - The First Transition

Wow Anne!  You have a very vivid imagination! I’m not certain I would want the pill or not at my age, 73.  I love my life now as Suzy and am treated as a lady now wherever I go.  I can also occasionally be a dude, be accepted in that role as well.  But I much prefer my feminine side!  And I also love being in the company of a handsome man when I am Suzy.  Anyhow, entertaining stuff!  I look forward to the next edition!  Hugs, Suzy

I'm glad that Chapter 2 had you thinking about your current circumstances as it relates to the Transition Pill.  Considering the pill only temporarily changes you into female both physically and psychologically, you would still change back to male when the Pill wears off.  How many of us would love the opportunity to be young or younger again, albeit for a short amount of time?  And as the opposite gender?

More twists and turns to follow.

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