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Hello Fellow Butterflies!
Hello everyone! I've shopped online at Janet's before but only just found this forum. Considering the amazing service and friendliness I just had to pop in!

Ashley (hope I spelled it right) recently did a transformation for my first day out in public en femme. All the butterflies! But Ashley did such an amazing job, I had the best time. Oh, I went to the Ren Faire in Holly btw.

I started young, knowing I was interested in pantyhose but going through some sexual repression through high school and college. Once I earned my independence I started collecting my femme wardrobe piece by piece. I may not have an SO for the moment but it feels great to be me.

~ Heart Lily Heart 

Welcome to the forum my dear.   That pic is you at the Ren Faire, I assume?   You look lovely.  Ashley did very nice with your makeup.  Now it's up to you to develop those skills.   Wink
Thank you, you are so kind! Yes, it was taken at one of the Faire's pubs when I needed to rest my feet. I walked the whole day in heels, too!
I have picked up a mostly complete makeup set and am practicing as I find time. I think I might come back to Janet's for makeup tutorials if those are still offered. I really want to be able to put on my face so to speak. Im having trouble following youtube tutorials as each has their own process and I can't always see the differences.

Heart Lily  Heart
No doubt that applying makeup is an art and not a science.  It's a bit of experimentation to find out which products and what shades work for you.  But it helps to have an experienced makeup person give you tips and hints to gain more confidence to apply makeup yourself.  I hope you continue practicing at home on yourself.  Rather than being frustrated with makeup failures, I look at it as having a fun time trying to put on my makeup and learning from the experience.  I hope you have fun as well.

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