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Newbie from Toledo
Greetings to everyone!

I’ve never been to the store. I’ve actually never bought any items for myself yet as I’m new to actually acting out all my dreams/fantasies.

I guess that I currently identify as more of the sissy fetish, as I currently have no plans to fully dress as a female and go into public...but who knows. We will see how this all goes!

I am really new to this arena. I’ve experimented a few times by wearing some of my wife’s panties and lingerie and dabbled in her makeup a time or two, but I’m looking to expand and start fulfilling some of my dreams/fantasies and purchase some of my own things as I don’t fit into many things of hers (she’s 5’5” 140 and I’m 6’4” 250).

I enjoy how I feel while I’m wearing sexy clothing and I’m very excited to take the next step(s) and see where this goes.

Looking forward to reading up and getting more education and then making a venture out to purchase’s just so nerve wracking for me to actually go in a store at this time.

Thank you in advance for your patience as I learn my way!

Welcome! We all started where you are now...just enjoy the ride at your own my experience I was cautious about buying and bought cheap stuff. Then you might really get into it and build a wardrobe greater than your wife's. Eventually breast forms become urgent...good luck!
Hi Curious.  Welcome to the Forum.  We all started out where you are now.  Nervously walking about the women's section of a store.  Wondering if anyone is watching us and then shouting to the store, "Hey everyone.  Look at the crossdresser guy here look at women's clothes for himself."  I was the same way myself.  Standing near the makeup aisles, waiting for an aisle to empty so I could swoop in and grab something for myself.  Sooner or later (and I hope it is sooner for you), you will come to realize that noone is watching and could care less that you are looking at women's clothing or makeup.  Quite the opposite, their jobs are to assist and help you so that the store can do what it needs to do...sell stuff.   When you feel more confident and go shopping, when a store employee comes up to you to ask if you need help, just simply say "no thank you" and they will leave you alone.  If it would help you in the beginning, go shopping at a store like Target or Walmart for clothing and makeup.  They have self-check kiosks and you can check yourself out that way.  If you think a particular Target or Walmart is too close to home and someone might recognize you, then go to a store that is farther away where it is very unlikely anyone from your local area would go to shop.  You probably will not be comfortable with taking clothes into a dressing room to try them on (or maybe you will?) so if you take things home to try on there, just make sure you leave the tags on until you are absolutely sure you will keep it.  It is easier to return stuff when the tags are still attached.
I am only 5'8" tall so it is easier for me to find clothes that fit, but if/when you feel up to it, there is a very trans-gender friendly store that caters to tall and plus-size women called Torrids.  I hear CD's rave all the time about how friendly, helpful and non-judgmental the workers are.  I don't go to Torrids because of my smaller stature but I'm pretty sure Torrids understands that they have a clientele in large crossdressers that help them boost sales.
If you do any online shopping and you cannot ship to your house.....if you ship by Fedex, you can have stuff shipped via Fedex to a Fedex store and they will hold it at the Fedex store up to five days for you to pick up.  Or if it ships via UPS, you can either ship to a UPS store (but they typically charge you for receiving/holding your package)...or...have it shipped to a local retail store that is a designated UPS drop-off point.  The local retail stores that are UPS drop-off points typically do not charge for receiving a package for you because they want you to shop at their store.  You need to go to to find your nearest UPS drop-off point.
Working with the postal service is iffy or at least it is for my local post office.  So sorry for any postal workers reading this but I could train monkeys to do a better job at my local post office.  You can put a hold on packages that are mailed to your local post office but whenever I hold mail, my local post office is inconsistent and sometimes holds but still sometimes delivers so I always avoid buying anything online that is ONLY SHIPPED USPS.
I hope these tips are helpful to you and you will soon be on your way to being a beautiful crossdresser.
Thank you to everyone for the support and the advice! I look forward to learning and reading a lot of stuff to help me experience more and live out my fantasies/dreams.

Thank you again!
Welcome Curious. The forum is full of some awesome people.
Jennifer  Heart  
[attachment=2201]You will be hooked once you get sexy clothes. Trust me, that's how I started and now I can't quit.

(01-11-2020, 11:35 AM)lorren Wrote: You will be hooked once you get sexy clothes. Trust me, that's how I started and now I can't quit.

I don't live far from Toledo. Just north of Monroe.

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