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100% New and Nervous -special help from tall /masculine requested
So I’ve honestly never understood this whole thing, kind of wrote it off and acted uninterested...but really I was afraid. I’m a tall, masculine, guy in Kentucky lol, people wouldn’t think this of me. But I started talking to this dude recently who told me he’s only into women, cis or trans doesn’t matter, and that he has an attraction to me. I told him I’m not feminine, I’m not into dressing up...but really that’s because I’m so afraid to look stupid. Or for him and i to have this great relationship leading up to that...but then him losing interest because no matter how much being a woman just feels so fucking right to say, my genetics have given me the male body and features that a lot would be envious I could be a good looking guy or a busted up woman 

How'd you get over the jitters? Tall or masculine-featured girls, how do you get through the fear or get over the inner voice that makes you think the man won't be happy.
Start small... the extent of my dressing up is wearing panties.
While in my private life I am a submissive slut, and enjoy the balance from my professional life as a captain.
I started buying panties online and finally worked up the courage to go into a store and buy a pair was good but humiliating...which as a submissive I enjoyed...just be bold and let your self enjoy

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