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New here
New tto this an wanna kno best way to gt sme tips im a cd will my pens stop wrkn if I take estrogen pills. Or wat
Welcome to the forums, enjoy your time here and I hope that you get the answers you seek.
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Hi Sissy.  Welcome to the forum.  What are your goals as a male-to-female CD?
Welcome, Sissygirl. I have litte expertise to answer your question, as I'm a CD, and right now at least, not planning to go on hormones, or any other transition therapy.
However, what I've gleaned from others, is that the effects can vary quite a bit from person to person. Hopefully some others with better info can answer that for you.
Well, given the disclaimer, "your results may vary", I would say it all depends. Are you just taking estrogen? Or are you also on T-blockers too? Personally, I had an orchiectomy, so I have zero testosterone, and with estrogen, I have normal female hormone levels. As such, while I do become 'firm' on occasion, there is no 'visible outcum' from an orgasm. That is assuming I can tolerate the elevated sensitivity I experience when I get close to the 'point of no return'. Most times I just have to stop. Hugs, Michelle Heart Heart

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