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Do any of you Gurls watch Sissy Hypnosis Videos?
(12-11-2020, 07:52 AM)wmtop313 Wrote: Hi Angela!
Personally, I gravitate towards xhamster - do you have a different suggestion / location to view the hottest gurls?
Let me know!
Weightlifter Daddy

Hi Cathy!

"helpless and confused and agreeable" - sound like the perfect gurl to me!

: )

Weightlifter Daddy

icetranny dot com
QUOTE: " icetranny dot com "

Thank YOU Bernice!

: )

Hey All,

These are a total guilty pleasure of mine! First-off, I just have to respect the editing chops of whoever puts them together!

But they can be a fun context-builder if your dressing up.I actually prefer to have them in the background while putting on Makeup, then watching them if I have to let something set.

I DO get turned off by some of the more abusive-language using ones, just not my thing.

As for the brainwashing effect, probably not as effective as just practicing a walk in the mirror or coming up with your own 'mantra' to get in the mindset of being woman.

I'm also a metalhead, maybe someone should re-cut these with some dark 90's industrial behind it? \m/


  Stay Fierce   Heart

Yes Alana, the editing and overlaying of layers (music, graphics, video, etc...) must take quite a lot of time - I also appreciate the effort!

Happy 2021!

Weightlifter Daddy
(06-20-2020, 05:22 PM)wmtop313 Wrote: Ladies -

Do any of you watch those Sissy "Hypnosis" videos online at (for example) x ham ster dot com?

I think (visually) they're great, as the ladies in those videos are very sexy indeed, but as for "reprogramming" your mind to only think or feel using your X chromosome vs the Y chromosome seems (IMO) not something that could / would be accomplished.

I may be on the outside looking in though, so - what do I know...

(Your thoughts)

Weightlifter Daddy
Hard to say if you crave cock all ready. I heard some people can be hypnotized and some cant. Were all different. Might even have different levels of x and y so I guess it would really be a maybe with some but not with others. Just like any kind of hypnosis. Everybody has there own needs and desires. Can they be altered? I'd give it a maybe but would really be an individual thing not just if anybody watches this then it will have this kind of effect on them.
Not getting hypnotized, but definitely familiarized, desensitized, normalized and left craving!
"left craving" - yes, in my own way, I understand!
Found a couple of new ones for the gurls here to watch:
Ladies -

I saw these animated gifs - thought of you:
(11-21-2020, 08:38 PM)JodieLynne Wrote:
(11-21-2020, 08:22 PM)Ccdgulrcathy Wrote: I love sissy hypno.  I want to feel helpless and confused and agreeable.

Oh that can be arranged sweetie!

You have my attention.

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