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The Transition Pill - Chapter 10 Meeting the Parents
Chapter 10 - Meeting the Parents 

Days go by as Ian and I engage in day to day activities as any couple would.  Besides safeguarding me, he is required to meet with Sullivan and other NSDA members.  At times he is gone for several hours, but today I received news he would be gone for several days.
“Hey babe”, as he tosses his bag of gear on the kitchen table.
I look up from a book I am reading as I sit on the couch. “Hey babe”, I mimic back to him.  I get up from the couch and walk up to him.  I give him a kiss on the lips but I can tell he is in a distracted mood.  “What’s up with you?”
“I’ve got a mission coming up. I’m gonna be gone overseas.”
“Can you tell me where?”
“I’ll be in Germany.  There’s not much more I can say other than we’re looking into a terrorist cell.  I’ve got a couple weeks of training before I leave.”
“Will you be able to call me from over there?”
He takes me in his arms, “I wouldn’t dream of not calling you, just to hear your voice.”
Laying my head against his chest, I wrap my arms around him and squeeze him tight.  “That’s good.  I need to know you’re ok.”

Later after dinner, he’s practicing disassembling and reassembling his Baretta 9mm for cleaning.  I watch him and a fun challenge comes to mind.  “I can do that faster than you.”
He looks at me and I like that mischievous smile that comes to his face.  “Oh really!  Would you care to place a bet on that?”
“Sure thing.  I win and you give me a back rub for 10 minutes.”
“And if I win, you make love to my cock with your mouth til I cum in it.”
Laughing, I reply “why don’t you just call it what it is, a blowjob?”
“That just sounds so crude.”
He’s right.  It sounds crude.  The sex act that requires a woman to stimulate a man’s penis orally until he ejaculates inside her mouth is not really romantic by most people’s considerations. But if you love a man like I do, wouldn’t you be willing to do that to him, for him, at least once in a while?  “Ok.  If you win”, and I finish with a sarcastic tone of voice, “I’ll make love to your cock til you cum in my mouth.  But you sure are gonna be disappointed when I win.  So who goes first?”
Ian ponders this briefly.  “If I go first, you might say I am unfairly pressuring you, although you get the benefit of knowing my time to beat and watching me do this.  If you go first, you might accuse me of having the benefit of knowing your time.  I’ll let you choose.”
“Ok, I’ll go first.  Ian sets the Beretta on the table before me.  Using his cellphone stopwatch feature, he starts it. “Go!”
Ian watches as I release the magazine. Next I pull the slide back to check the chamber for a jammed round.  Then I depress the disassembly latch button as I proceed to release the slide and set aside the frame.  So it goes until I have disassembled the Beretta.  Once I have finished disassembly, Ian acknowledges my disassembly and I proceed to reassemble.  I finish and Ian hits the timer.
“Shit”, he exclaims. “I’m really good, but…I’ve never done this.”
I give him a mischievous smile and purse my lips into a kiss towards him. “Back rub?”
“Baby, you earned it!”
I did earn it but I’m certain this back rub will become more and I like the thought of that.  “Let’s go my personal masseuse” as I grab his arm and pull him to the bedroom.  Ian stands at the bedside as I kick off my sandals and hop onto it.  Kneeling up, I cross my arms as I reach down to grab the bottom of my tight tank top.  Pulling up my top, my breasts are lifted until they flop and bounce back down, restricted within my bra.   Clearly this is tantalizing Ian and I lie down across the bed on my stomach.  “I’m ready for my back rub.”
Ian kicks off his shoes and kneels over me to kiss my neck.  “No, no, no.  You lost your bet and I am collecting on my back rub.”
“This is all part of the back rub”, he says.
“C’mon mister.  I want to feel those hands.”  Gently I feel Ian place his hands on my back.  His hands are hardened and rough, yet I enjoy the warmth and touch of them as they work at the tightness of my muscles.  Working the tenseness from the muscles in my back, he stops at the bra strap.  “Hmmm, this is in the way”, and he deftly unhooks the clip, allowing the straps to fall to either side.  His hands continue to work the tendons up and down my back.  God, it feels so good as his fingertips knurl away the tenseness.  Did 10 minutes elapse before his hands moved to the inside of my thighs?  I don’t know and I don’t care as I enjoyed the caresses of Ian’s hands on my legs and the stimulating strokes over my pussy through the fabric of my jeans..  Reaching underneath, I grab my 36DD bra and toss it aside.  Rolling over to my back, I look up and smile at Ian.  The view of my large milky white breasts and dark pink nipples is clearly having an effect upon him as I notice the bulge growing in his jeans.
“God, you are so beautiful” Ian announces as he reaches to play with my tits as he kneels next to me.
I see the lust in his eyes and for the moment, I don’t care if it’s only lust I’m sensing about him.  Being the center of his universe is all that matters to me.
“Hey, did I win that bet or lose it?”
“I like to think you’re winning no matter what I do.”
“Me too.  That’s why I need your help with this” and I unhook the belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans.  Eager hands grab at the top of my jeans to wriggle them over my hourglass hips and pull them off my legs.  I don’t even get to help Ian as he hurriedly pulls off his own jeans, his cock snapping to attention as he pulls the elastic band of his boxer briefs over and off.
“Easy there stud”, I laugh.  “You have a lifetime to do me.”  Does he hear my subliminal message to him?
“A lifetime, yes, but no way I’ll wait that long” and he lies beside me, taking me in his arms.  Hearts beat faster as mouths clench and wet tongues probe.  My large breasts are squeezed against Ian as he holds me tight, the sensation of his stiffness below only adds to my excitement.  Soon enough Ian moves to my nipples to suckle on and gently tug at.  With pleasure I look down upon him and run my fingers through his hair.  Every time he gives my nipple a hard but gentle suck generates tingly feelings in my loins, each time causing me to gasp.
“God, how I love your tits, your body, your lips, your eyes.”  Then his kisses make their way further south as he moves between my spreading legs.  I open them wide, giving him easy access to that part of a woman that both sexes hold so precious.  “Ohhhhh Ian”, I utter with a low, sultry voice, tossing my head back as his mouth covers my vulva.  The scent of my sex fills his nostrils as he tastes my wetness, his tongue probing and licking.  “Oh God, Ian, right there” I call out as he sucks on my clitoris.  I urge Ian on, “Please don’t stop. Oh God. Right there.”  My orgasm is building and I keep catching my breath as I feel myself getting close to the edge.  For a brief moment, I look down at the auburn pubic hair beard that adorns Ian’s face.  As he looks back at me, the lustfullness of my face tells him that he is bringing me ever closer, until….”Oh God...yes...I-I-I-a-a-a-a-a-n-n-n-n”, I scream as my orgasm hits me.  Waves of contractions erupt around my uterus as my fingers grab at Ian’s hair, pulling his mouth tighter on my hypersensitive clitoris.  Involuntarily my legs squeeze tight on Ian’s head until I finally relax as my orgasm ends.  Breathing heavily, catching my breath, I look at Ian dreamily as he looks at the woman with disheveled auburn hair whom he sexily ate out to her great satisfaction.
Ian kneels in front of me, his manhood a visual call to action on my part. Moving onto my hands and knees, I gaze upon 8 inches of hard flesh that my girlfriends have only heard stories about.  Taking him into my mouth, his girth easily fills it as my head moves forward, his cock sliding ever deeper into my throat.  I ease back, my lips and tongue giving stimulation and excitement to him.  Bobbing forward, I take him deeper until I almost gag.  Ian is so long, I can’t imagine anyone could swallow him entirely but I am determined to do my best to satisfy him.  So I try to relax as best I can and swallow as much of him as I am capable.  My mouth works long strokes as my head bobs forward and backwards, his mushroom being stimulated and excited by my moist mouth.  It’s working to his satisfaction as I hear his breathing become quicker. “God, Anne, that feels so good.  Keep sucking on it.”  I work his cock with quick short strokes, his mushroom rubbing and bouncing at the back of my throat.  Looking down at me, Ian sees me looking back up at him with mascara eyes and my full lips wrapped around his cock.  Cupping his bull testicles with one hand, I gently stroke the bottom of his balls.  The combination of sucking his dick and stroking his balls is pushing him to his edge.  He’s getting close when I taste his salty precum seeping into my mouth.  God, how I love tasting him.  My mouth is getting tired but I hate to stop playing with him so I kneel before him and stroke his dick with my right hand.  Leaning forward, the sight of my large breasts jiggling in front of him is just too much for Ian.  Without warning, a long thick rope of white, sticky liquid suddenly ejaculates across my tits and nipples.  Ian lets out a groan but the suddenness of his ejaculation causes me to lean back, and I release his dick, my arms and hands splay out.  His second contraction causes his dick to snap upwards as a second long thick rope of white cum shoots out to land across my hair, left eye, cheek and mouth.  The sight of this is almost comical and we both begin to laugh.  “Ian”, I shout, “Oh my God.”  The sight of my left eye is blurred by sticky cum but I see with my other eye as his dick snaps upwards again with the next contraction.  A shorter white rope of cum flies through the air again, landing across my mouth and chin. A final strong contraction sends a short rope of cum onto my tits again.  Tasting his salty, thick semen, I yelp, “There’s so much.  I’m such a mess.” Secondary contractions cause a bit of cum to spurt out and over his cock.  He’s finished but I am not as I lean forward to take his cum covered cock into my mouth. Vigorously I suck on his hypersensitive mushroom and he groans loudly with pleasure, his body flinching at the sensitivity.  Sucking and licking what semen I can from his cock, I finish swallowing and kneel upright.
Sitting back and holding himself up with his arms, Ian smiles and tries to keep from laughing.  “Babe, I am so sorry.”
“No you’re not”, I reply.  His seed slowly slides down my breasts. “I won when you ate me to a great orgasm but now I feel like I lost.”  I lick his cum from my lips and give him a smile...I lost?  No way.  “I need to clean up” and I slide off the bed.  “You get to change the sheets”, and I walk to the bathroom.
Standing before the mirror, I look at myself with my clear eye.  My auburn hair is a matted, sticky mess.  My left eye is covered with smeared cum that has messed up my mascara.  Rivulets of Ian’s cum run down my face and breasts onto my stomach until they stopped at my kitten to make my pubic patch a sticky mess also.  If there is a time to feel used, this is the time but I don’t subscribe to that when the man I love ate me out to a sensational orgasm.  After I clean Ian’s goo and my mascara from my eyes with makeup wipes, I step into the shower for what seems like a long time to shampoo his cum out of my hair and pubic patch below.  Muttering to myself “Good lord Ian, what did you do to me”, it takes three turns at shampooing to cleanse him from my hair.  Eventually I am done showering and drying off as I return to the bedroom, a towels wrapped around my head and body.  Plopping myself onto clean sheets next to Ian, I kiss him on the cheek and proceed to file my nails while he is texting on the phone.
“Took you long enough”, he says with that grin I love so much.
I still glance at him and give him the ‘evil eye’.  “Next time, I’ll be sure to bring an umbrella to your personal cumstorm”.  He breaks out laughing at that comment.
“You are so beautiful, you could go without makeup but I love you either way.  You got anything going on this weekend?” he asks.
‘Oh my God’ I think to myself, ‘was that an actual profession of love?  Or was he just commenting about my physical appearance.  Please let this be something more emotional, something deeper.’
“Nope.  Pretty wide open at the moment.”
“I’ve been invited up to my folks’ cabin and told to bring my girlfriend too.”
I stop filing my nails at that bit of news.  “Ian, you want me to meet your parents?”
“Sure...and they want to meet you.  So what should I tell them?”
‘Is this a new development in our relationship?  This is a huge thing, right?  Meeting the parents?’
“Ian, I would love to meet your parents.  What if they don’t like me? Oh, Ian.”
“Anne honey, they will love you.  You just have to be your lovable self.”
“Ian, I’m worried they’ll ask questions about my past.  I have no girl past.  What will I say?”  I want to impress his parents so much that I’m becoming nervous about meeting them.
“Sweetheart, listen, we’ve talked this through but let’s discuss this again.”
“You are Anne Preuss.  Your folks are from Germany and you were born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You bounced around the country because of your dad’s job.  You ended up back in Milwaukee and went to high school at Homestead High School.  You are an only child.  Tragically your folks died in a car accident when you were a young adult in college.  You went to college in Platteville.  You have a degree in…
“Mechanical Engineering.”
“And you received a generous inheritance so you are figuring out what to do with your life.”  He clasps my hands within his hands, “...and then you be the beautiful, wonderful woman that you are and share your thoughts and ideas, your hopes and aspirations.  You do that and they will fall in love with you.”
“Ok. Thank you Ian” and I wrap my arms around him and hug him, holding him tight.

The weekend arrives and has Ian and I driving several hours north to the lakeside cabin that Ian’s parents have retired to.  As the miles pass by, the land changes from countryside farmland to stands of pine, interspersed with lakes and the occasional small town.  It’s the dream so many have, to own a piece of property up north for vacations and eventual retirement but many less can take advantage of.  The expressway becomes highway becomes country two lane blacktop until finally we turn onto a sand and gravel driveway that leads us a quarter mile through thick pine to the cabin.  As we pull up in Ian’s Hummer, the cabin is what I expected it to be from his description.  It’s a two-story lodge with a large overhanging roof that provides shelter from the elements for a large wraparound deck.  The yard is dotted with pine trees that keep the sun at bay, opening up to an open shoreline.  An aluminum deck protrudes into the lake, providing mooring for a pontoon boat, motorboat and jet ski.
“Ian, this is really nice here”, I comment as he brakes us to a stop.
“Yea, my folks did all right for themselves” and he shuts off the engine.
Stepping out, I’m wearing a tight cotton, low-cut tee that shows off my ample bosom and cleavage, tight skinny jeans, and sneakers.  I go a little light on the makeup with some blue eyeshadow, mascara and nude lipstick.  Gary and Jean come out to greet us followed by a golden retriever.  From appearances, they are in their mid-sixties, trim and athletic looking.
I kick things off, awkwardly extending my hand for a handshake, “Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster, I’m so glad to meet you.”
Jean approaches me first and extends her arms out for a hug and kiss on the cheek.  “Oh Anne, we’ll do away with that formal stuff.  You call me Jean.”
Gary is right next to her.  “And you call me Gary”, and gives me a longer, tighter hug, squishing my tits.  Hmmm, almost a bit of father jealousy here but I say nothing.  Giving Gary a kiss on his cheek, I stroke his ego, “Thank you Gary for making me feel so welcome.  And who is this?” as I bend over to greet my furry greeter.
“That is our vicious guard dog, Baxter” informs Gary.
“Hello Baxter” and I hold out my hand to shake his paw.  If there is one thing all lovable dog owners do, is teach their animal to shake paw.  Tail wagging, Baxter accommodates me and I give an affectionate pat on the head.
“Gary”, Jean instructs, “why don’t you carry her things into the house.”
“That’s ok, mom, I got them”, and Ian picks up my clothes and cosmetics bags from the Hummer.
Jean takes my arms in hers and leads me to the house, “Anne honey, we’ll take you on a tour of our humble retirement home and fix you with a drink.”  Gary quickly scoots after us, “hey wait for me.”
I turn to Ian and call out “Ian, I’m finished with you.  I found two people who will take much better care of me than you.”  I blow him a kiss and wink my eye at him with a wild, open mouth expression, making sure Gary and Jean hear and see me.  Jean throws her head back and laughs, “Annie dear, you and I are going to get along beautifully.”  Gary has a big, shit-faced grin on his face as we walk together into the house.  That Jean changed my name to “Annie” from Anne was her way of showing acceptance of me.  I couldn’t be happier as we walked step by step together.  The lower level is a large open room concept with kitchen and dining area open to a large living room.  Gary and Jean’s bedroom is down a hallway.  Taking the stairs to the second level, Jean guides me to our bedroom.  Because of Ian’s stature, it’s equipped with a king bed fortunately.  “You two lovebirds can have this room.  Ian usually uses this bedroom when he visits.”  If I was wondering whether Ian and I would stay in separate rooms, that ancient notion was squashed soon enough.
Later, we sit on the deck and listen to the loons while Gary grills steaks.  Since my metamorphosis to Anne over two months ago, I don’t have the same zest for meat that I did as Steve.  I enjoy a nice, delicious steak but after two or three bites, I’m done with it.  It’s a female dynamic that I now understand but not necessarily appreciate.  As I pick at my dinner, I am peppered with questions by Gary and Jean.  It’s as if I am auditioning for the future role of Ian’s spouse.  Granted, I am new to them but at times I feel it’s an interrogation.  I provide all the rehearsed answers that Ian and I put together.
“Annie, you poor dear”, Jean exclaims, “no one should lose their parents at such a young age.  How are you doing?”
Playing along I reply, “Jean, it was hard at first and I cried a lot but I eventually moved on.”
Showing much less tact, Gary asks, “What happened?”
‘Uh oh.  This is where the devil is in the details, where one can get caught in the lie.’  “I guess they lost control of their car in a rainstorm and crashed out of control.”  I actually am able to produce some tears, even slightly messing my mascara.
“Gary! What’s the matter with you, asking such a sensitive question”, Jean chastises him.
“It’s ok Jean.  I think it’s maybe good to discuss this and get it off my chest.  I never had anyone to really discuss it with.”
Finished with dinner, Jean starts clearing the dishes.
“Oh please, let me help” and we are working together while Ian and Gary retire to the deck.  Soon, Jean’s hands are immersed in a sink of soapy water and dirty dishes while I dry them.
“It’s been a while since Ian came to the cabin.  It’s as if he was avoiding the cabin but you’ve given him a reason to come back.  We’re so glad you came here Annie.”
“Mrs. Lancas….Jean…” and I smile at her for my lapse in formality, “Ian hardly spoke about you and Gary or this place.  I’m really glad he brought me.  Why do you think he stayed away?”
“Well, I shouldn’t bring her up, but he was seeing that one girl…”
“Why yes.  Do you know her?”
“Well enough, that I broke her nose” and I briefly tell my story.
“Well that doesn’t surprise me.  That girl had a mean streak about her and when they split up, she did not take it well.  It’s different with you.  Ian’s more relaxed with you and enjoys your company.  I see it in the way he looks at you and interacts with you.”  Baxter strolls up to me, looking for a snack or affection.  I get down on one knee before Baxter, ruffling his furry head and cooing words of affection to him.  I receive a sniff and a lick in return.  “I see it in the way Baxter looks at you and interacts too.”
I giggle, “I think Baxter is like this with everyone.  But I really like Ian a lot.  We like doing things together” and with that I share a couple of stories of Ian’s and my outings.

Ian and Gary relax on the deck over a couple of beers.  “Ian son, that girl of yours is gorgeous but sometimes she just seems a bit evasive with her answers to our questions about her past.”
“Dad, you know who I work for.  Do you think I’m going to date some girl with a shady past?  I’ve vetted her with resources available to me so you don’t need to be worried about me.”
“I know but after 30 years in the police department and 20 of those as a detective, I’ve developed a nose for unusual circumstances.”
Laughter erupts from inside the lodge as Jean’s and my laughter fill the air.  “Hmmm dad, sounds to me like you better go snoop and find out what those two are laughing about.  I got a feeling it’s about you or me.”
“Ok, ok.  Your mother and I just want the best for you.  I really do like Anne.  She seems like a very nice girl.”
“She is dad.  Trust me.  Give her a little more time to get to know her.”

Later Ian and I are preparing for bed.  “Ian, your folks are really nice but geez, I felt like I was being interrogated at one point.”
“I wouldn’t read too much into that.  They’re just looking out for their only son.”
“I’m looking out for their only son too” and I give him a kiss on the cheek.
Turning off the lights, we give each other a good night kiss.  It’s been several nights since our last lovemaking session.  There is a sexual tension in the air but neither of us is initiating anything for fear of making any noise.  This makes for a bit of restlessness on Ian’s part as he tosses and turns in bed frequently.”
“Ian, hon, I’m never going to get to sleep if you’re going to toss and turn all night.”
“I’m sorry Anne.  I’m just feeling a bit tense and wound up.”
I reach down and feel he is as stiff as a board.  “Can’t you think of something else?”
“I wish I could but I’m super horny.”
“Ok, lay on your back” and he does as instructed.  Kneeling up, I peel off my nightie.  In the soft glow of moonlight, Ian can see my large breasts swaying above him.  Swinging my leg over him, I lie on top of him, positioning myself so that his mushroom is knocking on the door of my velvety, moist womanhood.  Easing my body back to him, he begins to slip inside me until I feel him slide all the way inside.  As I begin rocking back and forth, our conjoined bodies cause the bed to announce our lovemaking.  Squeak, squeak, squeak….  I stop grinding and humping on him.
Ian whispers, “why’d you stop?”
I, with a louder whisper, “why’d I stop?  Do you not hear the bed?”  I’m frustrated like him as I was just getting into a nice rocking groove with my cunt sliding back and forth on him.
Ian sounds desperate, “let’s move to the floor.”
“Ok” and we both slip out of bed quietly.  I get on all fours in the doggy position, my elbows resting on the floor with my ass perched in the air.  “I’m ready.”
Ian kneels behind me in the darkness.  I feel his cock probing for my slit, so I reach underneath to grab and guide him to his destination.  Slowly he penetrates me, sliding slowly into me, allowing my female wetness to lubricate him before he starts a rocking motion.  Exhaling loudly, I softly groan “Oh God, Ian.”  Ian is trying to stifle his sounds and I hear him breathing loudly through his mouth.  Hoarsely, he whispers, “Fuck you feel so good” as his thrusting quickens, his penis sliding back and forth within me, driving me towards an orgasm.  Now the floorboards start to announce our mating.  ‘Squonk-Squonk-Squonk….’
“Shit Ian” and I start to laugh, partly because of the stupid floorboards, partly because his eight inches always rocks my world.
Ian replies as his hips continue bucking back and forth “you want me to stop?”
Good strategy on his part to keep on bucking as he waits for my answer.  He obviously doesn’t want to stop and I don’t either.  “Oh fuck, no.  Just fuck me” and his thrusting increases.
Stifling a squeal, I put my mouth to my arm and breathe through my nose but I’m not getting enough air.  Raising my head, I take a big gulp of air and exhale deeply again.  I clamp my mouth tightly and feel my orgasm hit me but I can’t suppress myself.  I cannot explain why but there is something about doing it doggy that I feel Ian that much more inside me.  I squeal out and then giggle loudly as waves of contractions hit my uterus.  Now it’s Ian’s turn as he tenses up.  I hear a muffled groan come from him and feel the pulsation of his cock jetting inside me.  “Uh-uh-uh-...” and he laughs with the sensations rocking his body.  Finally his thrusting stops and he leans over my back, “Fuck Anne honey, you felt so good.”
I’m busy catching my breath.  If his parents heard us, I don’t care at this point.  Basking in the afterglow of my orgasm, that feeling of fullness of his seed having filled me, I whisper back, “you are so wonderful.”
He’s kissing my back while still inside me but I feel his erection leaving him.  Reaching underneath, I place my right hand by his cock.  “Ok, you can pull out.”
“Anne, I don’t want to.”
“Hmm, I don’t think you’ll have much choice soon.”
I hate this part of our lovemaking because I don’t want him to ever pull out.  I feel so complete with Ian inside me, especially after he’s cum inside me.  Slowly, he withdraws and my hand covers up my vulva, stopping his seed from spilling out of me to the floor.  Holding my hand below, I turn around on my knees.  It’s almost become a ritual as I take him into my mouth to clean off his cock.  I actually enjoy this part, sucking upon his softness and swallowing what cum is there.  He doesn’t feel much at this point but I know Ian enjoys the vision of me cleaning off his cock, my big tits swaying beneath my chest as I finish him.  I’ll bet bitchy Stacey didn’t do this for him as my lips slide on his shaft for my final suck.  Even with his semen in my mouth and on my lips, Ian manages to give me a quick kiss.  “See you in bed babe.”
Getting up, I leave the bedroom and tiptoe to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet seat, I pause before pulling my hand away.  What if I kept my hand here, holding Ian’s seed inside me?  What if I became pregnant?  What would be Ian’s reaction?  His child growing in my uterus as my belly grew in size?  Would he like that?  If only it were possible I think to myself, oblivious to the changes Dave Wilson made to the transition pill when he removed the birth control feature.  I remove my hand and watch as the result of Ian’s lovemaking spills and leaks out of me into the toilet.  After a couple of minutes I am able to wipe myself as best I can. I tiptoe back to the bedroom and slip into bed.  “Ian” I whisper but he is sound asleep.  I reach down to feel him and my hand is greeted by his satisfied softness.  “I love you so much.  Sleep soundly lover boy.”  I drift off to a satisfied sleep myself.

Coming Up...Chapter 11 - Showing Off and the Bear
So this sets up an interesting scenario for the next installment.
Thanks for good read.
#3 has more like this, thanks for sharing it was a good read

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