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Sissy in training

Hi!  My wife has been turning me into a sissy over the past year or so.  Our next step is to find a guy or another CD for me to learn from.  She has tasked me to go shopping at Janet's in a couple weeks while I am in town on business.  I am so excited to add to my wardrobe and maybe meet some new friends.   Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile"> Tongue" alt="Tongue" title="Tongue">

Welcome to the forum my wife enjoys this with me as well Janet's is a great friendly place
Hi Stephi,
Welcome. Please keep posting, I would love to hear how your trip to Janets goes.
Welcome to Janet's forum. When you go to Janet's Closet don't be shy. The staff there are very friendly and help in every way to help you find every thing you need and want. So wonderful your wife supports and encourages you.
Hugs, Bernice
Welcome Sissy Steph. Hope your shopping goes great.
iF YOU WOULD like, private message me to talk about janets. im only 30 miles away. would like to meet other CD's Cindyv
YAYYYY!!!! the sissification life and my partner who supports it is really what spurred me to find this updates

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