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Shy, curious, and looking for some fun.

Good morning, all!

You can call me Ashley, or Ash if you prefer, doesn't matter.  I am an aspiring CD and am exploring deeper into my sexuality in general.

Looking for a couple of people to discreetly dress up with on web cam and make each other feel special.  I'm looking for help with my makeup and also tips / encouragement on working towards being able to put larger things inside me Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">

Sorry if this is too much!

Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to exchange pics/videos and chat.


-Ash  Heart" alt="Heart" title="Heart">

Welcome, Ashley! I wanted to say, Hi, even though I don't think I'm the one you are looking for. Though I'm happy to chat back and forth about dressing etc.

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