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Meeting Through Doublelist
<p>Hi Gurls,</p><p>Just a little story I want to share. I was looking on doublelist Monday and ran across an ad that I sent a message and I got a response. It was a guy in his 50's, looking to meet a crossdrresser. We messaged back and forth for a few hours and we agreed to meet up at a park. I left work early Tuesday, came home, took a shower, shaved full body, cleaned out my ().&nbsp; I put on a really skimpy school girl outfit, fuck me hi heels, make up, blonde wig, etc. I must say, I looked really HOT. I was on time and proceeded to sneak out of house so neighbor didn't spot me and jumped in the car and drove to the place we agreed to meet. I saw his vehicle and pulled up beside him. We agreed that if either of us wasn't happy with what we saw we would just say, sorry I can't do this. Well, that wasn't the case, he was a pleasant gentlemen, slightly stocky. I stepped out of my vehicle so he could get a good look and I asked him, well dear, you like what you see. He said, "Fuck Yea", your smoking fucking HOT. As we had agreed, we were practicing social distancing so we was just suppose to just meet so he could get a look at me and maybe a little show for him. He sat in his vehicle and I sat in mine with our doors open really closely parked and I started out by squirting some baby oil jel on my legs and rubbed it all in and was spreading my legs so he could see all the way up to my lunch box. He didn't take long until he had his cock in his hand. I then slid off my skirt, my panties and really was giving him a good look. I grabbed my sizable dildo and played with it until he said to put it inside myself. I did and for about 10 min. gave him a good ass fucking show. He said, damn, I can't hold back much longer. I said,, NOOOO not yet, don't cum yet. I asked him to come over closer and I wanted him to cum on my silky smooth tanned bare legs. I stood up by the vehicle and he came over. I had my back turned towards him and I felt him put his hands around my waist. I was nervous kept looking to make sure no cars pulled in where we were parked. Coast was clear, I started moaning and I felt his cock rubbing against my ass crack. I told him, don't put it in. He said damn I want that ass. I said only if as I had told him earlier to bring a condom and which he didn't. I said sorry, we just met, no bare back. I really wanted him inside me, but no way taking any chances. I turned around and his cock was against my leg and he started stroking and I could tell he wasn't going to last long. I saw the veins bulge and then he suddenly released the biggest cum shot I think I have ever in my live seen. My gosh, if he had came in my ass bare I know I would have felt all that cream inside me. It ran down my smooth legs and I reached down grabbed his cock and worked it up and down my leg rubbing the cum all over my leg and did this for about 60 seconds and I'll be damn if he didn't shoot again. Not near as big but a lot for a second time. I asked him about the amount he shot and he said he has been 2 weeks of build up. I said, well that explains it. This is only the second time I have met anyone. We talked for a few min. and we went on our way. That night it was all I could think about how hot and good all that cum felt on my legs. I want to do this again so bad. I am very cautious, so meeting I have to have a really good feeling about it.</p><p>Thats my story,</p><p>Lorren
This is such a HOT story! I'm glad everything worked out for you. You obviously made him incredibly hot to shoot a load that large and then make him cum again a second time. Too bad he didn't have a condom with him.
<p>Yes, if he had a condom, he would have got the best fuck in his life. I am a good fuck.</p>
Great for you honey! Glad you were able to get your girly-girl on!
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
<p>I am so ready to do it again.</p><p>Lorren</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
Wow, a very hot experience. Meeting strangers is a bit scary, but glad you were cautious.
Tell us about the next time as well!
I am sure he had a good time even w/o the condom - Nicely done!

Weightlifter Daddy
<p>I wish we could post photos like we use too. It uploads, but no pic.</p><p>Lorren</p><p><br></p>
Glad you had so much fun!

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