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My wife watched me get fucked by a big cock
My wife has been pegging me with her strap on for some time now typically when she’s in one of her Dominant moods, she called me and asked if I was anywhere near her office, she had something to show me. So, I swung by and she told me to come into her office and she closed the door behind her and locked it. She went to her bag and pulled out the most realistic dildo I have ever seen. She had this wicked look in her eyes telling me to feel it. I must have had this look of amazement; doesn’t it feel real she asked. Not felling any cock but my own I said yes its really does not hard plastic it had foreskin and it bent but still had some rigidity to it, she said look at this extra bonus turning it around showing me the base it had a reservoir that could be filled with whatever and it also vibrated and with the push of a button on the wireless remote the thing ejaculated.
Giggling like a schoolgirl she whispered in my ear I can’t wait to fuck you tonight I hope you're ready for a good time baby. So now that’s all I can think about the rest of the day. Amazingly I got my work done without having to jerkoff I was so hard. We both got home within a few minutes of each other had a drink before dinner after dinner she came over to me and running her hands through my hair and playing with her 38DD melons she said now you go get yourself all pretty for mamma. When she wants to work her strap on, she usually or I should say always has me dress fem for her. I go in the bedroom and she had laid out a black bra 38DD just like hers with a pair of silicone tits she said she loved to see them shake and giggle when I walked or she played with them, She purchaded breast forms that actually glue to my chect and withbody makeup they look very real and will not come off very easy but those took some preparation soand some times help to apply so her choice was sitting there for me to put into my bra, along with a pair of black satin panties, black garter belt, and stockings. I got myself dressed and she called me to come into the playroom when I was ready. We have a dedicated sex room with all sorts of furniture and toys mirrors you name it a display of our perversity.

She was dressed in a Dominatrix outfit that I hadn’t see before it was black patent leather-clad in metal studs that supported her breasts just barely but they were fully exposed truly something to drool over, she was wearing a pair of matching panties black stocking and thigh-high matching boots with 4-inch spiked heels and topping off her outfit was her black strap on harness with her new realistic rubber cock, now viewing it attached to her 5’-3” frame it looked massive. It was a full ten inches long and about four inches around she could tell by the shocked expression on my face that I was wondering how I was going to handle that monster. She said oh don’t be scared baby I’ll be gentile now get on your knees bitch. I knelt before her and she pushed the head of her cock to my lips I began sucking as she had taught me not only by watching her suck my cock but we would watch porn and she would point out what the girl was doing and give an explanation or shall I say a how-to and by her tutelage, how to overcome my gag reflex was a big one how to use my tongue and my lips to use hands and not to use hands she was grooming me to become good cock sucker.

Early on in our relationship she set down some hard fast rules what was good for her was good for me If I wanted her to swallow my cum I had to be willing to do the same, If I wanted to fuck her in the ass I had to be willing to get fucked in the ass by her. Ok, when you have a hot little blonde with big naked tits standing there laying down the law you will tend to agree with anything to get laid. So she showed me how I was going to swallow cum She would skillfully suck my cock till I was ready to explode into her mouth, when I did she would hold as much as she could in her mouth then immediately move in and French kiss me spitting my cum in my mouth as much as I thought I would be disgusted by this it was actually extremely erotic and I enjoyed it immensely. Well the fucking in the ass part was simple she would strap on a rubber cock and have her way with my ass. So as I was on my knees doing my best to suck her new cock she was saying doesn’t it feel real and it was remarkably so, foreskin the veins the skin texture was extremely real, this thing must have cost a few bucks but at the moment I didn’t care but was sure it would show up on my credit card statement. Typically, these seasons would have a lot of foreplay and when her girlfriend was around it was double the fun but this time, we were alone. I was told by her what she wasn’t done she told me she wanted me to suck on her nipples, lick her ass, and of course, lick her pussy till she had at least one orgasm. She had her orgasm and patted the top of my head while I was still enthralled in licking her wet pussy that’s my good little bitch you take care of mamma just the way she likes it but now I need to fuck your tight little ass.

She ordered me to get up and walk over to the bed ordering me to bend over the footboard which I obediently complied, spreading my legs like she was frisking me she secured each ankle to the permanently fixed restraints taking each of my wrists she secured them with cuffs attached to paracord that was secured to the bed frame there were restraints on the headboard and overhead as well, as I mentioned we designed and equipped our playroom right down to the last detail. After securing me she knelt In front of me and put her cock in my mouth telling me to suck her good and hard Lori most definitely became absorbed in her role there was no question about that. After a minute or two of face fucking, she hopped off the bed and took out one of her whips saying I hear you’ve been a dirty little slut when I’m not around fucking that big titted blonde whore what did you think I wouldn’t find out about your little girlfriend and no sooner had the words left her lips I heard the crack of leather and the sting of it hitting my ass.

She whipped my ass a few more times then said well it looks like you are enjoying this a wee bit too much, so let me give you something you won’t soon forget. She positioned herself behind me and placed one hand on my ass spreading my cheeks with the other she guided her member into my ass. I felt the head begin to enter my hole and winced in pain as it was much larger than any of her other dildos, she’d used on me. She laughed a little saying do you think you can handle my cock slut I whimpered yes mistress I’ll try. She started pushing it in again but later admitted she was having a problem, dam it! she yelled I want to fuck you with my new cock dam it. She said well looks like I’m going to have to lube you up a little, she strutted over to one of the side tables and returned with a large bottle of Astroglide her favorite lube she took the end and squirted in all over her cock and lathered it making sure not to miss a square inch, she then took the end of the tube and shoved it in my ass and squeezed it into me and took one finger working it in and out saying there you go sweet cheeks you should be able to take a horse cock up your ass now. She then took up position and began pushing the head of her lifelike cock into my well-lubed asshole, it was going in her lubing me up had worked just as she planned but it still took everything I had to relax my ass control my breaking as she methodically slipped it in further and further until the head was in. I silently breathe a sigh of relief Yes! She was finally in me and I was going to take my fucking and like it, hell I loved it. She continued in a bit but stopped and pulled it back out just enough for it to stretch the opening of my ass which brought back that painful sensation that I was moments before so relieved had now past, She continued slowing going in and out a few times wickedly laughing slapping my ass wither open palm saying it only hurts a little when I slip it in right honey? Those were the same words I had used the first time I violated her ass. Oh yes, yes it does but it feels so good you fucking me I’m your dirty little whore. Laughing wickedly, she said oh yes I am and you have no idea how wicked I can be. She now slid her cock in deep inside me as it could go, the wall of my anus was stretched to their limits any more I swear she would have torn me in half, she continued to fuck me and slap my ass I could see her massive melons flailing about with every stroke in the three full-length mirrors, one was the full length of the headboard the others were placed on either side of the bed the same went for the footboard and the ceiling she had decided right from the get-go she wanted as many unobstructed views of us having sex as possible. I was thoroughly enjoying my ass fucking watching her tits wildly moving as she fucked me. She made eye contact with me via the headboard mirror saying I know what you’re enjoying so much you love to watch my tits fly about don’t you as she slapped my ass a few times harder and harder no little love taps. Well, I’ll take care of that. My little slut this is about my pleasure, not yours as she leaned in and grabbed a pair of her pantries still soiled wither odor of sex, she told me these were the ones she had on all day getting wet thinking about tonight that was hanging on the footboard and slipped it over my head. I was now deprived of one of my pleasures in life I love to watch her big tits jiggle and shake when she walks or jogs around but while she is fucking or getting fucked. My ass pounding continued for at least another ten minutes I guess when she said you need more lube as she slowly pulled out. I heard her walking about the room for a few minutes the door opening and closing she called to me I’ll be right back I need to pee. So, with my freshly fucked ass I just waiting in anticipation for her returned. hearing the flush from the bathroom and her walking back in the room, she said are you ready for round two sweetie I’m going to fuck you good this time. Yes, was all I said yes what she yelled as she slapped my ass with her hand this time, she must have wound up pretty good because it went beyond a sting. Yes, mistress, I’m ready will you please fuck me in the ass. She squirted lube up my ass again and I could feel it dripping out and running down my legs I felt her against my ass and the head of her cock was going in, it felt so fucking good it was beyond discerption hands on my garter-belt felt like she was pulling me into her with every thrust I would do what I could to meet her thrusts and began to moan oh yes baby fuck me!
Does that feel good baby you like getting fucked in the ass don’t you, her voice sounded different, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it Oh yeah fuck me baby! fuck my ass, with that she pulled my makeshift blindfold off and there was this guy behind me obviously with his cock in my ass. Surprise she laughingly yelled in her devilish voice, I told you I had something special in store for you tonight my little slut. As I felt every thrust this guy was smiling asking me how his cock felt in my ass. All I could do was moan as he thrust into me, looking back and forth between him and her I don’t know who was enjoying it more. She got on her belly in front of my and began kissing me sticking her tounge in my mouth, oh how rude of me you remember Dave who used to work for me, I flashed back to “Big Gay Dave” they used to call him, oh yes I murmured how does his cock feel sweety I thought it was about time you had the real thing. We all loved Dave having such a BIG cock when he worked for me but all he would do is show it to us and let us touch it now and then but I so wanted him to fuck me with that monster cock but you're getting it now I’m really kind of jealous. I was speechless, oh maybe I should go lick his cock as he slides it in and out of you, would you like that baby? I never answered her, she said now how do you think that big fat cock of his got so big and hard so fast now all by itself or did I give him a little help she laughed. Dave never broke stride and kept pumping my ass.
She later revealed that the two of them thought up the whole thing as retribution when he just stopped by to say hello as he now worked at the hospital but always said Lori was the best boss, he ever had.
He asked her why she looked so uncomfortable and was fidgeting in her chair. Oh, my husband fucked me in the ass last night and it was more than just once. He said that wasn’t very nice she said well yeah but I enjoy it you should know all about that Dave she laughed but what am I gonna do. Dave smiled and said get back at him, oh how now would I do that she asked by giving him some of his own medicine he said. She laughed and smiled and said ok you’ve got my attention I’m listening and the two of them concocted the whole idea right then and there right down to getting the new dildo that was much large than I was used to. Lori then switched positions and slid her body up under my face positioning her open legs shoving her pussy in my face hanging her legs off the footboard of the bed demanding I eat her. I lapped her pussy like a thirsty dog on a hot summer day. Before long I heard Dave beginning to breathe heavily and pick up his pace, I knew exactly what was about to happen Like a man on a mission I licked Lori’s pussy and found her clit which I flicked and lick and sucked it she was screaming while in the trawls of having multiple orgasms. When Dave began to moan and pumped me even harder as he began to cum, with every cum explosion from his cock he grunted and thrust and continued doing so. Lori grabbed the back of my head forcing me into her wet sticky pussy. She also did this so she could get an unobstructed view of Dave pumping his load into me. She reached out and took his hand placing it on one of her tits and he squeezed it as she yelled give it to him Dave fill his ass! fill it with your load! within a few seconds he was done he stopped and stood upright with both hands place on my ass to help support himself.

He just stood there catching his breath. She motioned for him to come into her and she hugged his neck thanking him, here you go honey as she pulled his head into her tits with his big cock still inside me, He laughed saying I’m really not a breast man. Oh, what my fucking tits are not good enough for you laughing he said alright and sucked each of her nipples for maybe a few seconds. With that, he stood back up and place his hands back on my ass and began to slowly pull out as he did I could feel his cock that still filled me slide and began exiting my ass when he got to the end it was like ripping off the band-aid his head was so large I have to say about the size of a lemon that we all heard a loud pop! And by the expression on my face, he was clear. He told my wife to come as they watch the cum ooze from my well fucked ass and begin to drip down my leg, no use in wasting it he went in and tonged my asshole, stopping briefly to give Lori her turn but she only gave a few licks and moved to lick it off my inner thighs and stockings Dave continued to tongue fuck me as he licked my ass hole clean. When he finished, he slapped my ass and got up and went to clean up I could see his big cock which I was now fixated on bouncing as he walked still glistening with his cum which Lori called to him wait, she walked over to him and got on her knees hey damit I’m your host and I want your cock she began to licked his cum covered cock clean. She sucked the full length of his cock and her head was bobbing up and down on that monster, she looked at me saying hows this for hot! baby do you love watching me suck his big cock, maybe Dave will be nice to me and fuck me with this big fat dick. Dave just smiled and said hey if fuck a pussy it may as well be your pussy, Lori just don’t tell all the girls in the office. She continued sucking his fat ccok her lips wrapped around it as she sucked, she reached up and squeezed his balls Dave winced a little not expecting that, she continued to bob up on down on his cock which was now fully erect, she was on a mission for sure, he began to moan saying no! Lori oh no! Not know if his protest were because he didn’t want to cum being sucked off by a woman or whether he was just trying to warn her regardless of what his reason Lori was having no part of it. When she is horny and wants something there nothing stopping her. With in a few seconds Dave’s moans got louder OH! FUCK! Yes he yells as his hips bucked and Lori sucked as hard as she could sucking his cock without the help of her hands he shot his load into her mouth, she sucked and slurped and was hell bent on not wasting a drop. She finally removed it from her mouth gave him a kiss on the mouth as she licked her lips and slapped him on the ass now go get yourself cleaned up you nasty boy, you just may have to fuck me with that lovely cock as he headed into the bathroom across the hall. If she was trying to get back at to me it sure was working.

She released my restraints and helped me up putting her arms around my neck she kissed me intently asking so how’d you like my surprise. Fucking excellent I said she smiled one of her big beaming smiles I’m so glad you liked this part of it. I looked at her as if to say this part of it and the next thing I know is she snaps a handcuff on one wrist and pulls my arm around my back and I hear the ominous ratcheting of the handcuffs as she secured them tightly. Do you want to watch me as I fuck his brains out, you're always wanting a threesome with my best friend so hey maybe mamma wants some monster cock, with that she calls to Dave are you all nice and clean Davie, he walked back in the playroom looking around saying oh my aren’t you two the kinky ones’ Mr. and Mrs. Suburbia, ah Dave if you haven’t noticed this is the country now get over here. Dave is fondling both my silicone tits saying we’re going to have a good time now sweety, as he’s feeling me up, I think I need to get my boyfriend a pair of these. Lori places her hand on my head and commands me to kneel I didn’t even have to think about what was going to happen next. Dave grabbed his cock placing it to my lips and slaps me in the face with it a few times, I had no choice but to open my mouth and do my best to accommodate his nice cock which he had been playing with when he walked in.
(This part of the scenario was an afterthought that hadn’t been part of their plan but rather briefly discussed when she let him in and brought him upstairs during her absence for her alleged pee break If she called him in for part two that meant she wanted me to suck his cock like Dave had asked her if it was ok if she didn’t ask he’d be happy with fucking my ass)
Maybe it was all the mock blowjobs Lori had me give her and her girlfriend, but I even impressed Dave at how skillful I was maybe it was because I finally got to suck a real cock again. Lori never knew about the again part. I motioned for her to uncuff me by moving my hands and stopping briefly saying get these off me please and immediately went back to sucking his dick. Lori did as I requested and with my hands now free I cupped his balls which were half the size of mine and I stroked his cock and played with his ass eventually slipping a finger in it massaging his prostate something Lori does to me regularly even if she’s not blowing me but its one of her signature parts of her world-class blowjobs. Lori stood by in amazement and beamed I taught him everything he knows I sucked Dave’s cock with an intensity sucking harder and harder pumping his shaft till I felt his ass muscles start to clench around my finger I had to push it in even harder now, but I was not giving up. Within a seconds Dave began to moan loudly oh fuck! oh fuck! I’m but before he could utter another word, he began to shoot his hot steamy load into my mouth which was forming a seal around his throbbing cock, I swallowed as much as I could but some escaped Lori swept in and licked the cum from my face as she kissed me I was glad she did as I wasn’t quite ready to kiss another guy hell wasn’t having his cock in my ass and my mouth enough for one night. As I released him from my mouth he took a step back and Lori swooped in and got on her knees next to me and took his big cock in her mouth again, I swear Dave was now weak in the knees, she took it out of her mouth long enough to say I want your cock Davie I want it in my pussy baby and continued to suck his member. He was panting and said I will but not tonight please, she removed it form her mouth and had the dejected look on her face like a little lost puppy. He took her hand and hugged her saying I will I promise if its ok with hubby just right now I don’t have it in me you guys drained me. Smiling she said well I guess we did.

When we were done Dave and I each sat in one of the big winged backed chairs I with Lori on my lap. So how was it he asked, definitely different and unexpected that’s for sure. Looking at her he turned back to me saying we should go out for a few beers one night maybe watch the game, yeah sounds like a plan to me I replied. Lori just smiled yeah this is if I let him go. Dave excused himself and went to get dressed we walked him both still dressed in our playtime attire we said our goodnights he leaned in kissing Lori on the cheek and just extended his hand to me and slapped me on the ass. See you soon, I hope. When the door closed, I looked at her see you soon meaning me or you and me. Lori impishly smiled saying I think he meant you baby I got nothing he wants not even these placing both hands under her tits. Oh well was all I said. When we got back to the playroom, she said well how’d you like it like I said different and not expected that’s for sure, well you looked like you were enjoying yourself, did I have a choice. So, do you now have a taste for cock laughing yes I still have a little lingering taste? Giving her a little of her own medicine I said no baby that was a one and done, well maybe just one more time
Wow, quiet the hot scene, Zowie.
Thank you yes it was a fun time, if you liked this part, you should really like the follow up about my first date with Dave
Great story. Loads of detail and sex. Lori was a great dominatrix but in the end Dave came to the rescue. Love it!
What a great story
That is one of my fantasies! Lucky!
jealous of you to have a wife so agreeable and fun in bed! I love the way she rolls! wish my wife would do the same! Hugs Heather
So agree Heather, lucky gurl!!

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