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Went shopping today enfemme
<p>Hi all - I hope you ladies are all doing great! &nbsp;Just went to the mall today as my female self and had a ball! &nbsp;I went to a number of stores and tried on lots of dresses and other female accessories. &nbsp;Was treated like a lady all the time. &nbsp;I think the mask, although I hate them, almost makes it easier to blend in. &nbsp;I took some photos, and I’ll see if they attach now, but probably won’t. &nbsp;Anyhow, have a great weekend! &nbsp;Hugs, Suzy</p>
Sounds like a great time!!! I think the mask gives a little extra anonymity. I've seen friends I've known for years wearing masks, and hardly recognize some of them. One of the other posters had a suggestion to check on posting pictures. They said to make sure the quick theme select box at the bottom of the page in the RH corner (at least that is where it is at on my page) says default. Worth a try.
I am glad to hear you are getting out.  It's spring here and that always makes me want to get out en femme more. I have been out with a mask a lot, it certainly makes me feel more at ease.  I have got a small collection of more fem masks, have to match the mask with the outfit now don't we  Rolleyes Earings with mask, tricky, but I never go out without my earrings.

Hugs to you,,
I've had the urge to do that, lately. Lucky you! I only managed to sneak out back on my patio. I painted my nails out there. hehe. Did some light gardening in a pair of Daisy Dukes and halter bra top. Have fun when you can, gurls. Smile

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Glad you shared your time and positive thoughts, have a nice day Suzy. mapquest driving directions
Please tell me how to look like you! You are sooo pretty and look very feminine?Could you give me few tips? dinosaur game
Can you share with me some effective tips? contexto
(02-01-2023, 02:21 AM)sharase Wrote: Can you share with me some effective tips? contexto

 What kind of tips are you looking for?

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