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Wife used to make me crossdress
<p><b>Back in the 70s my wife (girlfriend then) and I did a lot of partying...drinking..drugs..and a lot of sex. She was a real hottie...long legs..small waist and nice rack. She would dress sexy as hell especially when we went out to the bars...stockings..high heels..short skirt and lots of makeup. EVERYONE wanted a piece of her! Whenever she was loaded she was game for anything...kinky as hell! She had a huge wardrobe of sexy lingerie.</b></p><p><b>&nbsp;One night we were at my place loaded as hell and looking at some porn mags that a friend gave of them was a crossdresser mag. She told me I would make a hot bitch and talked me into letting her put some panties..stockings and bra on...and then we had the wildest sex ever!! This became a thing whenever we got loaded and she would dress me more and more and even putting makeup on me. One night she wanted to take some pics of me and finally talked me into it by with-holding sex until I did. Then she hid the pics and told me unless I did what she wanted that she would show my friends.</b></p><p><b>&nbsp;She loved to go to the not so much. Her main thing was alcohol and mine was drugs. She would get all dolled up to go out while I stayed home and got high...I had to be dressed all slutty when she got home or no sex. I started to really get into dressing. When she got home...many times hours after the bars closed she would tell me in detail about the guys she sucked or fucked. We would both put on different outfits and take pics of each other before having the best sex ever ! Eventally she would make me wait in the spare bedroom all dressed up while she was in our room having sex with someone she brought home...I REALLY got off on that....and then one night we were really loaded and she made me watch...while still dressed up...WOW !!</b></p><p><b>&nbsp;More to come later...damn I miss that girl and those days !!!</b></p>
Wow - what can I say other than that.

: )

Weightlifter Daddy
Every bit is true....and a LOT more....sure do miss those days and especially her !!
Awesome story Diana! Did you and her ever do a stud together?
Wow, what an amazing woman, time you guys had. Yes a threesome would seem almost a natural thing to do then.

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