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Showering With Breast Forms Glued On

It was early morning when I had my morning shower and ritual of shaving legs and unwanted hair. When I was done I glued on my breast forms and dressed in a tight t and shorts. You could see my my bra straps and the outline threw my T shirt. I like that it is a turn for me. Back on topic. When I was done dressing I had to tackle that dreaded house work. I wanted my apartment spotless. My boy friend and I just broke up and I was having some friends over for dinner and a girls night sleep over. It was a hot day and boy was I sweaty when I completed my work. Realizing I haven't had my breakfast and it being past lunch I needed to eat. I made a sandwich and and gobbled it down like a heathen and swig back the rest of my milk from the carton. I headed for the shower. Will should I remove my breast and waste more glue or leave them on? I decided to leave my beast intact. Wow I take a 10 to 15 minute shower with hot water and I could not believe it. MY BREAST STAY ON!! (giggle giggle)
Janet I have to love you honey I fallow all your instructions and I am experiencing what a girl should. Thank you all who work for Janet and you also Janet to make this happen. Your breast forms are awesome and I feel great I always wear a bra and I love the bra I purchase.
Thank you all from Joanie.
Thank You Very Much For Your Contribution and Shared Experience with the Forum!

Best Regards,

Janet's Closet IT Manager

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