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Making of Jessie part IV
<p>It's been a while that I've been on here but I feel I need to share this amazing experience.... while in Key West I happen to head to the strip with my cousin (a girl) who wanted to go into a drag show... I pretended I wasn't interested but gave in..&nbsp; we took a seat by the bar , grabbed some drinks, and waited for the show to start... the show began and of course we were front and center watching the cousin went to the bathroom and of course the MC came over to me asked if that was my wife.. I explained it was my cousin and the MC preceded to not only grab my cock but give it a thorough examination, explaining to the crowd.. she was checking if I was gay by the hardness of my penis... I was embarrassed and not hard but during her rubbing me it began to tingle and if course my cousin had made her way back from the bathroom and caught the whole fondling... and assumed I was ready to go ... so we left and decided to go back to the hotel.. so I dropped her off freshened up and knew exactly where to go.... lol The show had just finished and the MC Miss Dolly was sitting at the bar... I walked up to order a drink she smiled and said she knew I couldn't resist her and would be back... we talked for a drink and asked what brought me back... I said I was curious what about how dressing up made them feel, like I was a reporter or she asked if I ever tried on panties or thought about being a girl.. I of told her I loved wearing panties whenever I could and it was over from there... she took me back stage and I was treated like a celebrity.. everyone was so nice.. next thing I know I was in a chair in front of a mirror with my shirt off trying on a bra with implants... that's better she said as she grabbed some lipstick saying she had just the right color.. I was getting extremely excited and she knew it..asking me if I ever had sucked iff a real man... I explained my limited experience but have sucked a cock or 2 when she lifted up her dress and said prove it.... oh my god was she big, long, and fully ready to go.... I looked up in the mirror saw my 36 C chest, red lipstick and thought what the hell, I am dressed like a woman after all... it felt like I was on stage performing for a live audience as it seemed as if everyone backstage was watching... so I tried my best to put on a show... I leaned forward in the chair as she lifted her leg on the chair and presented me with her gift.... I grabbed on to the base and gently licked around the head to thunderous applause... put the head in my mouth , pulled off making a popping sound then shoved my tongue in her cum hole... all I heard was I'm next from the other drag queens... I was so excited I nearly came in my pants.... hmmm this sounds like a good place to stop .... Wink</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Jessie xoxo</p>
Sounds like a more ways than one!!!
It was exciting to say the
Wow, what an great experience!
"Sounds like a blast" - Oh, 'Boots66' beat me to it!

(05-05-2021, 09:05 AM)wmtop313 Wrote: "Sounds like a blast" - Oh, 'Boots66' beat me to it!


The more, the merrier, WD!!!
the question then becomes.... Spit or Swallow? I was unwillingly, in my youth, in a position to suck off a young man. He gave me very vivid directions on what I needed to do including demonstration on me. The most vivid thing I remember him telling me was to suck it like it was a milkshake straw when he started to cum. He must have known I would try to pull off once he started to cum because he firmly planted his hands on my head just before he came. He said if you don't suck it all out I might drown in cum and it could kill me. I felt him get rock hard and got the message that it was about to happen. He pressed harder on my head and I sucked as hard as I could because I was not going to drown like that. oh Boy did he cum and cum and cum. It seemed like it took a full minute for the ejaculation to end. I didn't swallow all of it and had the chin dribble to show for it, but I took most of it as instructed. The funny part was he stopped pushing on my head when he started to cum and I didn't pull off of him... I guess I was in the moment. I was only 13 years old and I still have the vivid memory of that day in my head. At the time I hated that it happened but I also masturbated like a crazy man when he finished (he told me to) and to this day I masturbate to that memory like it happened yesterday. Since that day I have been engrained with thoughts of submission and forced acts of sexual service. I generally see myself as a female in these situations. hmmm so much to learn. I hope others on this forum will help me grow by hearing their stories.
Ree -

QUOTE: " The question then becomes.... Spit or Swallow? "

As a man, I can tell you, there are only 2 kinds of oral - good and great!

"Great" is when the individual sucking you off never stops and swallows down every drop - but after that, continues to suck you but much more slowly and gently.

Moaning on and vibrating the man's cock with your mouth is also a bonus!

Ahh, that always makes someone like me happy!

(I'll bet that's why you received the explicit instructions!)

Weightlifter Daddy
The first thing I did after reading was Google Drag Shows near me. Ugh. Nothing but car races. Seriously though, a great story. I often wondered how I'd feel dressed in Drag. And if I was in that dressing room I most certainly would get in line with the other ladies.

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