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Jessie part IV cont
<p>There I was backstage at a drag bar with a huge juicy cock in my hand with my tongue in Dolly’s cumhole... when I felt a pull on my waist pulling me out of my chair and positioned me bending over at the waist... I began licking up and down Dolly’s shaft occasionally slapping it off my face as someone began taking off my shorts and sliding them down to the floor... Dolly grabbed the back of my head an I moaned with excitement as she slid into my mouth and down my throat until I slightly gagged.... mmm she said you have done this before... a hand began rubbing my cock as I was hungrily enjoying what Dolly was offering when I moaned so loud as I couldn’t control myself and exploded on the helping hand... I was exhausted but had to remember I was trying to put on a show so I tried deep throating as much as I could as fast as I could... the spit, gagging lube, and noise I was making was turning Dolly on... I also noticed the cum covered hand had moved from my cock and began rubbing my boi&nbsp;pussy lubricating&nbsp;&nbsp;it with my own cum... I heard are you ready I nodded yes as I was still hungrily after Dollys cock, I felt I slight pressure on my pushing towards my ass slowly growing and beginning &nbsp;spread apart my lips, when Dolly moaned grabbing my face as she pushed deep down my throat and unloaded what felt like gallons of sweet sticky deliciousness into my hungry mouth... I pulled away from whoever was knocking at my back door to focus on my reward trying to&nbsp;devour every drop.... she said she hadn’t cum like that in quite some time, thanked me and asked if I was ready to continue... I was confused thinking we were done and she sat me back in the chair handing me a silky pink thong saying put it on it’ll make me feel sexy..... she adjusted my fake boobs as I slipped on the panties, she was right I immediately was turned back on as the thong rested on my cum covered ass.. she brought me some hot pink stockings, red mini skirt and instructed me to put them on as she fixed my lipstick and put on some makeup.... I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or doing for that matter....a tight white&nbsp;tubetop, long silky gloves, and a Marilyn Monroe wig and presto...... a new me... she said I told you that you’d make a fine lookin girl... Are you ready to go outside?</p><p><br></p><p>Wow I’m horny now ... lol</p><p><br></p><p>That’s all for now</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Xoxo Jessie&nbsp;</p>
Fabulous, and very very hot!
I hope you'll tell us what cums next!
As many men as I possibly could... lol

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