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New and excited to make friends here

Hi all, signed up a few years ago but really never did anything on this site.  So over the weekend, I decided to reactivate my account and get a bit more active here.  I'm a deep closet CD, mature, married, and luv my private time with my fem side.  I have been thinking about having Janet's give me a makeover (on my bucket list).  I'm from Ohio and would luv to chat with other like-minded gurls...I love my hose and lingerie. Hope to make new friends here.  Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile">

Welcome to the forum Aireal. Been kind of quiet on here over the weekend. Glad you reactivated and came on line. Enjoy.
Welcome Aireal! I'm also deep in the closet and would love to hear about your experiences
Hi Aireal,
Nice to meet you. You and I probably have a lot in common. I hope to be on the forum more myself. Would love to get to know more girls so I can figure out where I fit in.

Hey ladies! Welcome to the forum. I'm always down for making new friends, so drop me a message if you ever want t to chat!

Joey Lauren
Hi welcome (again). I only joined sometime last year. The femme side seems to fade for a bit and then grow stronger again. I know it has for me, and the last few years I've felt to pull very strong, till I finally went out fully femme.
Drop me a line if you want to chat some more.

Hi Boots and thanks for the welcome.  Love to chat a bit more and share some stories.


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