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photo test
Lovely pics!

Very nice! Thank you for sharing!
So I here I go trying to add a couple of pictures of me. For Father's Day I decided to make a cheesecake and since everyone was out shopping on the Saturday for several hours (for me I was hoping) I decided to put my French Maid outfit on and do the baking.
I made a Key Lime cheesecake with white chocolate garnish on top, and a traditional crumb crust. Must have been good as some asked for seconds! Just as well as deserts like that aren't good for girlish figure.

Then a bit of a whim I added an auburn wig to my order from Janet's. So here's a picture of me with it on, though I really don't think I have the right makeup for it. The colour seems to look good on me, though I confess I'm still firmly in my "Blonde Phase", but auburn might be my next one I'm thinking.
Here goes with the posting girls!


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