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Harley's story
Harley is true backwoods homegrown hometown country girl. She can doll up for a night on the town, or be right at home on the backwoods back roads playin in a big mud hole. She preferrs the slow country nights over the big city lights, she loves huntin fishin and anything fast enough to do somethin stupid in or on. Harleys got attitude and a mouth but shes also very shy and acts all inocent and plays hard to get. She preffers whiskey and true 190 proof shine. Harley will stand her ground for her friends. Her favorite outfit is a short denim skirt and denim shirt tied up in front with the sleves rolled up and a pair of strappy sandals which she will almost always wear when shes off roadin just to drive the boys mad. So there I am Harley in a nut shell

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