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Hi everyone. I love to write and I wanted to share friendships with everyone. I recently broke up with my boy friend, I have been with him for several years. I caught him cheating on me in our own bed. I was devastate. It is my apartment I gave him the boot along with his hussy. Well I was heart broken and crying. Yes the telephone is a great invention when you need friends. I have girls who are friends as well as boys. I did not want any boys so I rang up all my girl friends I could. Before I knew it I had a house full of friends they brought food and snacks. We talked threw the night and male bashed and did make up. I could not make it threw my break up if it wasn't for my friends.
I value my friendships and never take my friends for granted. Yes I have been angry with my friends but we kiss and make up. I love all my true friends. I find I have more friends who are girls then guys because I cross dress. Girls like to dress me up and make me pretty. I love the attention I get from them.
I would love to hear stories or comments from anybody here about your friends. Or if you don't have any friends and why. I love to make friends I don't judge anyone. I would love to hear from you all.
Love from Joanie and a warm hug.
your lucky to have such great friends Enjoy them
Joanie.I would love to be a friend. You can PM or Email me anytime you need to. Hugs and kiss

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