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I know I’m not alone but don’t know how to go forward
Around a year ago my wife begged me to put on a pair of her panties. She played with my ass while talking about my”pussy” eventually pegging me. Prior to this the thoughts never entered my mind. Now I love wearing panties and love the thought of being treated like a woman when it comes to sex. I started watching bisexual 3 way porn and eventually gay porn. My wife and I haven’t had sex in at least six months and it doesn’t bother me at all. I really want to dress up and bottom for a man but I have huge fear of getting caught and ruining my life for what might just be a fantasy. Any advice or thoughts would be awesome
Welcome to the Erin!
Not sure that I am the best to answer you since I am a newbie on the site.
You will find a lot of similar situations with the exception of having the wife initiate the activity.
Did she only want to switch roles that one time? I think a number of the girls would enjoy
Their wives willing participation, me included.
Hopefully some of the other girls can give added advice.
Enjoy, be brave, live the life you will be proud of!! Rolleyes
Hi Sara

Sorry I know I left out a lot my mind was trying to put the words together. To answer your question she started it a few times but stopped when she realized I was enjoying it too much (that’s my guess anyway)
Erin, not a problem, I tend to leave out details myself.
If you have given’t up on talking about this with your wife
That’s one approach. I have had similar experiences with my wife, one
Day she wants me to dress in here night gown then later nothing.
Everything I’ve heard about Janet’s store and getting a transformation
Is good. If you’re close by you should schedule an appointment,But you’ll have to get feedback from the other girls on places In the area.
If the feelings you have about dressing and being a girl are like mine they aren’t likely
To go away. The girls here on the forum are super supportive. You will find a lot ,including myself
Who still haven’t ventured out but are getting closer every day.
I hope to have my own day on the town in the near future.
Good luck!!
Enjoy, be brave, live the life you will be proud of!! Rolleyes
Welcome to the forum Erin. I've only been doing this a few years myself. Never had any kind of desire to try until I was about 50. I think I was watching some shows about men wearing their wife's panties. Tried a pair of my wife's, wondering what was the big deal. Well, holy crap, did I ever find out. Unbelievable!!! The dressing started soon after. Unlike how it happened with you, my wife never initiated it, or even has any idea. IN MY CASE, I have no doubt it would end the marriage. Also, for me, I have no desire to be with men, or anyone else, for that matter. When it comes to being with other people, I speak only for myself and what works for me. Others may have different opinions, values, or lifestyles. My two cents, for what it's worth. I agree with Sara. Your wife, perhaps accidentally, opened your eyes to this side of you. I would talk to her about it, first. Maybe ask her why she wanted you to do it, and if she got anything out of it. I would definitely do that before stepping out. You surely have your hands full, and I wish you the very best of luck.
Wink   Dana
Welcome to the forums Erin, we're glad you joined us!

There are a lot of great people here with great advice who have shared their experiences.

Feel free to share your own and to ask questions.

Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
Welcome to the forum Erin. Very interesting your wife initiated the activity, most don't from what I've heard. Some couples can get into enjoying pegging, but usually it's cis man who wants to go that route. Which is the case with us.
Some women are threatened on a couple of levels by their man dressing up. Particularly if she has body image issues and you can look better than her when you are all dolled up in femme attire.
I have to wonder if she thought you'd be a bit turned off by that, and it was a way of "topping" you for her fun and then got unsettled when you started enjoying yourself so much.
So much depends on the people involved, and the dynamics of the couple.

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