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Lady Jade
Hi all. I find myself in a strange place. My cross dressing is the typical story. My grandmother was old school always wore a dress and pantyhose. My aunt was an RN and she worked at the Catholic hospital so she always wore white uniform with white pantyhose. I became fascinated by hosiery. Throughout childhood I would put on my mother's hosiery and then I progressed into her slips and then finally I would go full dress. The love of it never went away. Now I am turning 52 and I am feeling the calling again. My wife bought me leggings and we go to the salon and get mani/pedis all the time. For Christmas she bought me a UV nail dryer and some gel polish so I can do my own nails. So I shaved my legs to enjoy the leggings and my wife through a fit. She says she doesn't even want to look at them till the hair grows back. She said she is definitely not lesbian as she can't stand the feeling of my bare legs. LOL.
I have a friend that has given me an outlet for my desire to be dressed femme. Here is a picture she took of me today. I snagged a bralette yesterday and was dieing to show it off to her.
I thought it was a great shot. I'm going to post more pictures tomorrow so you can see my makeup work. Would love some make up tips and tricks from you ladies.

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If you buy Craftsman tools rather than DeWalt so they dont clash with you nail polish, you might be a crossdresser.
LadyJade you're looking fabulous! I'm nobody to give tips on make-up like you're asking for, however, I have enjoyed the videos section on the JC website that show us how to apply make up and what to and not to use to give us the best results.
Looking good there, too bad about your wife not liking your shaved legs as you have nice legs and hosiery looks and especially feels so much better on bare legs.
Seamed stockings. My absolute favorite.

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