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My big reveal
I've been married for over 20 years now. A lot of years ago, I put on a pair of my wife's pink panties under my sweatpants, and flashed them to her so she knew I had them on. I treated it as a joke. She wasn't sure how to respond so I took them off soon after. 

She suspected I was a crossdresser, but the only time she asked me I denied it and laughed it off. I hid my panty wearing from her but when she'd go out of town I'd put on panties, bras, stockings, nail polish, lipstick, skirts, swimwear, whatever hit my fancy at the time. 

I always wanted to tell her but could never think of quite how to do it. Finally I ordered some men's underwear that was made out of a satiny material and wore those. One morning in bed I made sure I was exposed so she would see them. She asked if they were panties and I said no, they were men's underwear that were made out of the same kind of fabric. But, I then admitted that yes, I had been playing around with panties since well before we had met. She wanted to know if I was a crossdresser, but I denied it and said no, I just liked panties and it should be obvious I wasn't trying to pass as a woman. I have hair. A lot of hair. I'm not anywhere near passable. 

That was a big moment for me. It meant I didn't have to hide everything anymore so I put some of my panties in my underwear drawer... and hid them under my guy's underwear. Very rarely I'd put a pair in the laundry but for the most part, it was still something I hid from her. And I had panties and swimwear she still didn't know about. 

I flashed her a few times after that but it was always done in a joking way. This went on for another couple years until I recently decided I was going to model a pair for her. She had bought me a swimsuit for a trip we were going on. I slipped on a pair of pink, leopard print panties she knew I had, and then the new suit over those. I went downstairs, showed her the new suit, and then pulled them down to reveal the panties, saying that as my backup suit I'd need to do more hair removal. I treated it as a joke again. I did a cartoonish pose. She laughed. 

So the trip... To prep for that I had been doing some manscaping. I took the hair off my shoulders, my back, and my butt. Then I found an electric trimmer I had forgotten I had, and trimmed my hair up front. It ended up shorter than I was expecting but that's ok. After a shower one evening I put on one of my favorite pairs of panties and was amazed how great they felt with less hair. I looked in the mirror and decided tonight was the night. I walked downstairs in just the panties. No shirt I could drop down or pants I could pull up to hide them. Just me in panties. On my way down I noticed the bulge in the front (as little as it may be) and my nervousness faded. 

When I walked into the room she was in, I was amazed at the confidence I had. I started the conversating with "I think I can pull this off". 

I stood there in front of her, in just panties, and had a conversation about a lot of things. Including body hair. I told her how I realized i was more embarrassed by that than standing in front of her in panties. I told her how great clothes felt with less hair. I told her panties felt so good I had taken back a pair I had bought her since she never wore them. For the first time in my life I was standing in front of someone, in panties, and not treating it as a joke. It felt great. In thinking about it later, it was a bucket list moment for me. 

Two days later, I thanked her for not freaking out about it. 

She had no idea what I was talking about. 

I explained, the night I stood there in front of her in panties. 

She thought I meant the night I modeled the swimsuit. 

No. I mean the night I stood in front of you wearing just panties and we had a conversation. 

She said I was out in the hall, she couldn't see me very well anyway. 

Sigh... No. You wanted to touch my back. I was literally standing right over you. You touched me. 

She told me she thought the underwear I had on that night was one of the pair I had for men that was made out of satin. 

And that's when I realized the huge moment in my life was not a big deal to her. So I explained what it meant to me and she still didn't understand. "Honey, some people freak out when guys wear women's clothes. That's the first time in my life I've stood in front of someone wearing only panties" (Which isn't strictly true, but close enough).

She just didn't get what a big moment it had been for me. 

She asked if I wanted to become a woman like Amy on Jeopardy. I said no, I like the bulge I make in panties and have no desire to get rid of it. 

She asked if I wanted to dress like a woman. I said no, not in everyday life. But sexually... and then added sex wasn't a big part of out realtionship, was it? She just said not really, and the subject got changed. 

Some other time I had told her that when I was single I would wear a t-shirt and underwear when I did housework. The day after I tried to explain the big event for me, she wanted me to help with housework. So I did, wearing a t-shirt and the pink leopard print panties. I was around her all morning wearing panties and a t-shirt. it felt wonderful. She didn't care. The bad news is, she just doesn't care, as in, it will never become anything special for us. She has seen me in them ohte rtimes since then too. 

Now I'm wondering how far to take this. Having exposed myself to her on numerous occassions now, I'm now wearing them more than I ever have in my life. Panties/lingerie have always been an occassional event for me. Maybe once a week, maybe once a month. Nothing regular. But now? I've worn them every day since new year's eve. Will it become 24/7? I doubt it, but even 50% would be a lot more than it has been until now. 

I'm also considering doing a full transformation this summer. That neve occurred to me before, but now I'm wondering how that would look. We'll see..

Anyway, Here is what I was wearing the night I "bared all" to her. 


My avatar? That's a picture from a face app. I fully realize the filters they use do things that can't happen easily in real life. I'm not about to have surgery to make the changes in my facial structure that their app does. But I have to admit... I like how I look in the pictures I played around with. I thought I'd be a pretty rough looking woman but now my curiousity is piqued...

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Welcome to the forum panty chap.
What a great explanation you gave, thank you. Those are very lovely panties too!

I think wearing women's clothes does rather sneak up on us in a way, as most I've talked to and heard from often start out with one or two things, then over time get more and more into dressing up extensively and thoroughly.
My story is not unlike yours though my journey is different as everyone's is.
You are fortunate that your wife seems to accept your desire to dress up a bit, even though she doesn't understand it (who does?), but doesn't reject you because of it.

A full transformation could be very mind blowing, as suddenly you are a pretty woman, with a figure and a nice face, instead of male you. When it's done right that is. Something like being full on femme can be tougher for you wife to accept, particularly if you come out of it looking better than she does! That can happen with the right foundations, hair and makeup. So now she has competition for the Alfa Female of the family.
Just a comment it may or may not be true in your case.
I have never been to Janets, but I hear they do great transformations if you are close enough to go there.

For me, way back in the mid 90's I wanted to get completely dolled up, makeup nice clothes, etc. but didn't till only about 4-5 years ago. I also thought there was no way I could look anything like a real female, but I've learned to pass fairly well.
That is a key. One has to learn how to hide our maleness, and look feminine. Not everyone wants to go that far, and that's cool too.
My belief is to look good femme is rather cis (ie a natural) women, it is partly genetic, partly presentation. The right clothes, hair, jewelry etc. Plus that intangible, confidence, and a sexual aura some have.
What I mean by that latter is we have all met, and perhaps got to know women who aren't classically pretty, or have great figures at all, but have some kind of a magnetism about them which makes them a lot more appealing than their pure appearance gives credit for. I don't know if us crossdressers can go that far, but the other two certainly make a huge difference.
Like anything else worthwhile it takes time and experience to get there.

... and not all that long after "coming out" to her I shaved my legs. Well, actually I shaved more than my legs but I don't thikn those pictures are appropriate here so...   Blush

(05-23-2022, 01:38 AM)panty_chap Wrote: ... and not all that long after "coming out" to her I shaved my legs. Well, actually I shaved more than my legs but I don't thikn those pictures are appropriate here so...   Blush


 Nice legs there! One thing I've noticed is a lot of men once shaved and wearing stockings or pantyhose have absolutely beautiful legs. This was brought home to me when I showed a couple of GG's a few pictures which were taken at a party, and I had a rather short mini skirt on, and one said something to that effect!
 So if you can, go the step further and get some nice pantyhose to put on after you shave, the feeling is amazing! Rather like you described wearing panties with less hair to hide the feeling of the lovely fabric, only more so.

 I used to have a full beard which I had worn since my early 20's and finally shaved it off in my 60's, no I shave all over and love the smooth feeling.
Hi Kristi (panty chap)
Definitely the shaved look both looks and feels better.
It is too bad your wife doesn’t seem to enjoy your
Cross dressing as much as you do.
My wife has been involved with dressing me up
Once (she asked me to wear one of her nighties to bed)
but that was some time ago with no repeat. She has
caught me with toe nail polish on and knows I like
To look pretty. I wear the same type male underwear
That pass for panties that you mentioned.
Thanks for sharing your story!!
Hugs and kisses

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