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Having intense orgasms without warning when dressed in drag
I don’t mean to be nasty but everyone I dress up I get so turned on by it I get so hard that I can’t stop from myself from having an orgasm and I don’t even mean to it just happens without even touching it and just yesterday I was trying on sexy girls dresses and was so embarrassed when I had an an intense orgsasm I don’t wear pantries or under wear and I let out a liite Moan as senen ran down my legs thank god it was adult store everyone. Said that was so hot I even got a date ! Really though it not funny why does. This happen.
I'm no analyst but from what I've read it is a relationship in your mind between dressing up in women's clothes and sex. You might have had some previous experience, even a long time ago that links the two.
This is kind of a fetish for you where dressing up causes a lot of arousal.
Try searching for a Dr. Z, on you tube a women who does a lot of online videos about gender and crossdressing issues.
Boygirl123 -

I could be wrong, but this 'condition' sounds like a good thing!

: )


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