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Wig needed
I am a newer crossdresser.  Where is the best place to purchase a wig?  Also how did you decide on color?
There are a few places, Amazon being one of them, plus Janet's has a huge selection of them, many other places . As far as colour goes, so much depends on what you want. Do you want a colour and style which will be natural to you, or do you want to make a statement of some kind by having a bold colour or style.
One thing is to think about your natural hair colour, either now, or if you've gone grey what you were before that and get a shade like that then will tend to look more natural for your tones.
I've found the cheapish ones from Amazon a good way to experiment as it's not too much money to waste if you hate them, or you end up with a collection to use depending on your mood.
I recently bought a better quality lace front in a darker blonde shade, called "Mane Attraction" and it does pass very well.
If you are able to go into Janet's I'm sure they would give you a lot of help to choose something you like, otherwise try contacting them online and asking a few questions, etc.

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