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New here!
Hey girls. I'm completely new to this and really need help, suggestions, places to go, places to meet etc...any suggestions. I'm ready to have my first sexual experience. So many times fantasizing and for way to long. Xoxo-Alexandra

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Hi Alexandra and Welcome to the Forums!

I'm sure that you will get lots of advice from all the girls ( and guys ) here.

Beautiful pics!
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Welcome to the forum Alexandra! You look good in your pictures too.
I'm not sure if I can help you about places to go, as it depends on your location, but I can say what has worked for me.
Through someone else I was introduced to a moderately local CD/TG social club and was invited to one of their dinners, held in a public restaurant, but with a private room and better private washrooms. So that means one can arrive in drab, change to femme, and change back if needed.
This was for strictly social stuff not a hook up group, though of course if a couple where to hit it off, well then no problem.
So perhaps with some internet searching you might find a similar group in your area. One has to be careful, but this was a group of people not like meeting someone one on one at a motel or something like that. Much safer.
Then another group which is active a bit here and elsewhere I believe is called "Girls Night Out" and is more adventurous sexually.
If you are in or near a large metropolitan area, and I'll use my late Mom's expression, Bet you Dollars to Donuts" there is at least one group like this there. Since we tend to be a secretive bunch the trouble is finding them.
Hope this helps! Stay safe!

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