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Hi there!
(07-13-2023, 02:19 AM)jendyjent Wrote:
(12-13-2022, 05:04 PM)Gina Summers Wrote: Welcome to the forum. I'm quite new myself and still feeling my way around but looking forward to learning all about you as well as other new and existing members.  2048 cupcakes
The sheer talent and expertise demonstrated by the participating pilots is truly awe-inspiring. As they navigate their choppers through a series of challenging obstacles and intricate maneuvers, they display an unmatched level of control and finesse.

Hello Stacy,

I just wanted to say as well as everyone else welcome to the site. Unlike all the other people  talking about their experiences of dressing since they were young, I however I started dressing only a year ago. I am a closet crossdresser. Have had urges since the first time I ever dressed I have a  had small experiences before then. I have a fascination with crossdressing and crossdressers being able to be passable that they were able to blend in. The urge is strong but not to where I want to become a woman fully, as in transition.

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