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Kudo’s to Janet’s Clo
Just a thumbs up to Janet’s Closet for the excellent and expedient processing of a an order I did online with them!  I purchased some makeup from them online and got it the next day in the mail!  Wow!  That’s great customer service!  Also, here is me today in my normal shopping outfit on a day shopping!  Always given the ma’am or miss reply to me from people I am interacting with!  So much fun being a woman!  I hope more of you can go out in public.  I do it every day!  Hugs, Suzy

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Nice outfit Suzy! I wish I could go out every day, though I typically go out femme once a week on average.
Yes, I'll give an enthusiastic seconding to your comment to those who haven't gone out femme too. Try to find a way to give it a go, as there is nothing as nice as being out in the world as your true womanly self.
With this costume, you are 10 years younger in the eyes of others. Really cool, I've been to every store with mapquest driving directions but still can't find the right outfit.
They look very nice drift hunters and stylish. It will help you look a few years younger. Hope to see more of your beautiful outfits in the next posts

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