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Magnetic lashes
Omg. I love em.  I tried regular falsies and half the time I just end up gluing my eyes shut and ruining my eye shadow. I am so surprised at how easy they were to apply. It came with different lash styles. The ones I bought were Geralonce $14.98 at Amazon. 
P.s. I don't like to flood the messages. I would like to reply to my own pos, but I cant.

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Those look fun! I haven't done lashes in a while, this I have to try.
I want to try those. My lashes are so thin. I tried mascara and couldn't see the difference. I saw these at WalMart and wondered how difficult they would be.

If you buy Craftsman tools rather than DeWalt so they dont clash with you nail polish, you might be a crossdresser.
I had false eyelashes applied last year as part of a makeover and they looked great, however I've not got up the courage to put them on by myself.
This is something I need to do.
Nice, I’ll have to try them.

Hugs and kisses

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