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Mommy! Teacher!
I imagine a role play scenario where I am a bad HS girl who cheats, skips class and is loud and  disruptive. It's to the point that teacher (or Mommy) MUST punish me.  So my punishment includes being bound to a chair (for skipping class!) Gagged, (for disruptive loud behavior!) and blindfolded (for peeking and cheating) I'm left like this until mommy or teacher decides I've been punished enough. To ensure this I'm told that next time it gets more difficult. Hogtied, bed tied etc.

Are you that mommy or teacher? I promise I wont misbehave anymore, or next time my punishment will be filmed for all to see my humiliation.   Any role play is strictly platonic so if you want to dress as mommy or teacher and me as bad student let's chat privately.   I will post more here. I'm semi new to this but I had a female dom friend in the past and i experiment with self bondage and dressing.... Heart  everyone

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