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What are the best boobs?
After too long of a period of not dressing, as I've gotten older, I'm starting again.  Things are so different now, with all the help on the internet, access to products that we never had before, many CD stores online and just a plethora, of products available.  

I would like to purchase a breast plate or individual boobs, but I'm torn.  Ideally I would like a breast plate, but I don't like the idea of there being a line at my neck or around my chest like a tee shirt.  I want to show some cleavage, but the breast plate looks like it would be so obvious, unless you wear a collar, which I don't want to do.  I've never tried the glue on ones, but they look to me like any cleavage would show the outline of glued on breast.  Any help on this from different girls on what is the best option, as my goal is to look as passable as possible.

For most of my dressing up I use silicone forms which give me a perfect C cup on my 38 in+ chest, so I in most brands I'm a 38C, some seem to fit smaller and I go to a 40.
I use some medical adhesive to stick the forms on, and when properly attached they will stay on without a bra for a while, and look quite realistic under my clothes. However, you are quite right that if you are wearing something very revealing the edges could show. I've worn them for long periods, but never overnight and they are comfortable, and feel fabulous, very much like having real breasts.
Actually I have a smaller set which I bought to wear under a swimsuit, and would stay on for a long time without a bra. I've found a tight fitting top can help to hold them in place, but the round top edges of the forms could be noticeable if the outfit is tight to the top of your chest.
Perhaps a different brand which has thinner edges would not show as much, I don't know.

A caution about removing forms which have been stuck on. I use the remover which is effective as I've had the occasional tear on my skin from removing them too quickly, otherwise that is my favoured method.

I have a breastplate too which I bought off of another girl, and is a bit awkward to put on but when on gives lovely and realistic cleavage. This would less comfortable to wear for longer periods, esp in hot weather. You are right about the line between your real skin and the fake skin of the breast plate. Mine has a very high neck which comes to under my chin, though it still does look right so I'd never wear it out in public. This one give me really hugs tits, measuring out to something like an E cup. Porn star tits for sure!

The other thing I've tried is body tape. You tape the bottom of your breast from one side to another to create cleavage and use forms to give you some projection, to whichever cup size you are trying for. Of course if you want to pass, then nothing too large is a good idea, something like a C cup.
I've seen some effective and realistic cleavage done this way, very fetching when done right.
For me I have never got the body tape trick to work very well, as I have very little natural breast tissue and my cleavage looks rather wrinkly, and not natural at all.

Nice cleavage is something I'd love to have, but so far I've not been able to achieve it.
I hope this helps you.
I wear connected forms that have detachable bra straps. I love how easy they are to put on and having the option of wearing a bra or not. I wish Janet sold this kind. The feel so realistic. The only drawback I've found with them is they are slightly too close together but really I don't think having to use glue or always having to cover them in a pouch bra would work for me now. As for the plates. Velcro at the back? Sounds really hard to put on straight and would think they would be very hot and sweaty.

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