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School Days, and School Daze....
Inspired by another thread.

I think we all know that guys have certain fantasies that revolve around outfits.  You know, French Maid, Lolita, Hot Nurse, Sexy Nun, Prissy Sissy and >TA-DA< sexy schoolgirl.

And I'm willing to bet that the lovely ladies here have at least one of those sexy, fetishy outfits!

So, I'm opening this up for you all to show your sexiest costumes to the group.

I'll start with something I wore for my BF.  And he definitely took me to school!  >blushing<

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Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
You look so hot and sexy Jodie! I'm glad your guy appreciated your outfit.

I have likely posted this picture here before, but here is one of two French Maid outfits I have. So far!
In this case, not only did I dress like the maid, I worked like one too. The items on the island aren't just props. I was preparing a beef burgundy for dinner as all my kids and their hangers on were coming, and a butterscotch cream pie for dessert. No rude comments girls, I'm a "proper" maid of course! (whatever you think that should be)

 Here is a picture of the pie I made as well for the dessert, and you will notice the absence of cream. That's because I have a family of eccentrics, (who would have thought??), some like a bit of cream, some prefer a bit of pie with their cream, and one doesn't want any! Zowie!
 So now I have the whipped cream separate and each adds their own amount according to preference.


Ok Jodie, maybe you created a monster!

Here's another one in my black and white French Maid dress, the first one I bought a few years ago.
Here I'm getting everything ready to make a banana cream pie for dessert.
Not much make up on this picture, and I'm sorry to say it shows.

My next party, I know who I'll be hiring to serve and cook!
Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave
That would be wonderful!

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