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More about Karen Louise
I read a large number of forum entries a few nights ago from you ladies.  It inspired me to come out a bit and share some of my own experiences.  I am actually very excited to be able to share.  I have shared my preferences with only one other person in the past - my wife.  We have now been married for well more than 48 years.  Though I have been changing into lingerie since I was about 7 or 9, I don't feel like I am experienced at all. There is a lot I don't know or understand.  I don't consider myself as passable in public. My facial features, thickness of my neck, ankles, and being 5'-9" / 240 pound frame pretty much preclude that.
I am retired from a job as a technical professional with a large company.  In a world of stereotypes, I don't think anyone I used to work with would understand my circumstances.   My profile represents who I feel I am when I dress - not who I am in the real world. 
My wife and I haven't talked about my desire to wear women’s clothing very much, at least not in terms of being a cross dresser or transvestite.  I don't believe she is thinking at all in those terms.  I believe she sees my preferences as a fetish issue (though I believe I have that too).  I absolutely love the soft, smooth silky feel of satin, lycra, spandex, and nylon and the look they bring.  She has seen me numerous times in a bra, panties, and nylons.  She got her first glimpse about my interests when she arrived home from work several hours early on a Saturday during our first year of marriage.  I was taking a nap in bed wearing a baby doll nightgown and panties of hers.  She knows I have a fetish for lingerie and I frequently ask her to put some on.  She doesn't often initiate wearing lingerie on her own.  I have sometimes thought that might be why I like to wear panties and such, but then again I was wearing them a long time before I met her.  She is smaller than I, but I wouldn’t wear her clothing anyway.
After being 'caught' napping, I later demonstrated to her my penchant for wearing lingerie by dressing up in some lingerie and waiting under the bed covers for her one night.  I had placed some lingerie on her vanity for her to wear.  I was nervous as hell.  After she dressed, she slipped between the sheets and rolled over to cuddle.  She immediately noticed that I was also dressed in lingerie.  She asked what is this?  I told her I thought they felt nice and wanted to try them on.  She simply said ok and we continued about our love making.  But, to my excitement, her hands were all over me exploring like we had just met.
I have repeated dressing up and climbing between the sheets before she comes to bed on occasion - usually about one to three times a year.  She doesn't seem to mind too much but occasionally makes it clear she would prefer none of that stuff - just straight sex tonight.  When she doesn't seem to mind, her hands wander, groping me, and feeling me up as if she were a teenage boy, just like the first time.
I prefer the smooth - slippery feel of satin, nylon, spandex and lycra.  I have purchased a full complement of foundations and undergarments including corsets, bras, panties, slips, pantyhose, thigh-highs, garter belts and regular stockings.  Even girdles and body shapers. I have tossed everything out on a couple of occasions with the intent to 'go straight' only to eventually go back to Wal-Mart of JC Penny's to get what I needed.  Today, I wear women’s panties 24/7 and don’t keep mens underwear at all.
I put something on pretty frequently - on the order of a couple of times a month.  I have dressed up and gone out shopping or running errands many times.  I have gone out in public numerous times including to a LGBQ friendly club on several occasions sometimes meeting other gurls like me.  It’s fun to be around others that are like minded.

Karen Louise Schuster Blush Tongue
Thank's for sharing so much of your story with us Karen Louise! Your experience is very similar to mine, in that I started young, never hid my desire to wear lingerie from my wife, and we've had fun with it from time to time but she does like to have "her man" most of the time.
Hi Karen,
Thanks for joining the forum and telling us about yourself. You are in good company here.
Hi Karen, thanks for sharing a part of your journey with us.  Just know that you are not alone.

I understand your feelings about being "passable", I myself am 6' tall, with ridiculous size 12 (men's) feet, large hands, and wide shoulders.  However, living female 24/7, I have to point out that attitude, poise, bearing, and most importantly, CONFIDENCE, goes a long way towards "passing".

If you go out in public dressed, and act as if you are doing something 'wrong', you will be clocked 100% of the time; but, if you behave and act as if you belong, then you will be more readily accepted.

A strong word of caution:  Don't push too hard with your wife!  She may tolerate the occasional 'dress up' time, but remember that she married a MAN.  

Before you can love another, you HAVE to love yourself first
I aim to misbehave

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