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Costume party
Hello everybody. I just wanted to give you a experience that I had one Halloween about 7 years ago. I was working at a casino in a little town here where I live in Colorado and all the casinos in this town had a Halloween costume contest and I entered it as a prostitute and came in second place one $500 for it. After the contest was over because it was such a small town I was walking home and my costume and the funny thing is that one of the patrons of the casino I worked at was driving down the road and actually stopped and tried to pick me up and asked if I wanted to spend the night with them. I felt awesome that not only did I come in second place that somebody actually thought I was a real prostitute. So when I got home I called one of my best friends and told her about it because she helped me with my costume and she got all jealous because I pulled off and she would not be able to so it was so exhilarating and awesome that's the first time I ever went out as a female.
That's a great experience Brittany! Congratualtions!
Plus your first time out in public as a female makes it pretty successful I'd say. I've run into that scenario where a woman is a bit put out that a "mere man" can look better than they can!
So what happened next? Did this kind of "out you" to quite a few other people?
Hey Amy thanks for the reply to my post. I believe it was a great experience too. I never thought I would have the nerve to go out in public dressed but I figured I would take the plunge seeing it was Halloween and I did come in second place and one a pretty good sum of money which is always nice. In terms of a GG being put out because like you said a "mere man" can look better than they can is kind of funny in a sense but also kind of weird. So what happened next is that that patron that I was talking to you about in my last post I wasn't ready for anything like that so I decided to let him know that I wasn't interested and let him know that I actually was not a prostitute that it was just a Halloween contest and I ended up just going home and killed after that. In terms of outing me out to a few people that town was pretty small and so everybody knows everybody's business and nobody thought that I was really a CD so really didn't bother me all too much. But looking back I think man I really fooled them.

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