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developing my look
I'm thinking aggressively about developing my look. So many cross dressers want to emulate their favorite Movie Star. I want someone unique. I'm considering emulating Gretchen Whitmer Governor of Michigan. She looks wholesome and I adore Her long dark tresses. I noticed She parts Her hair on the left side and it covers a portion of Her face. I'm not sure what color Her eyes are but with dark hair I assume they are brown too. She always wears red lip stick and that is my favorite too.
The clothes She wears is a disappointment with the Blue blazer...etc...I suppose I can live with that. What do YOU think?
I've seen pictures of her on TV and in print and she certainly is a lovely woman and as an important leader she needs to maintain a certain look, so she can't dress to her heart. Women get judged so much on their looks, hairstyle clothes etc., but with someone like her it should be what she does, not how she looks! Pretty women I do adore, so don't get me wrong!

For me, though I do love to look at women and admire many of their outfits and are envious of those lovely figures I've never been drawn to actually mimic a particular person. In general that is.
Last Halloween I was invited to a party which was mostly for CD's and TG's so I went as Cleopatra as she was a legendary seductress and beauty, this year I'd love to do the outfit Cate Capeshaw wore in the Raider's sequel, The Temple of Doom, when she was the night singer.

However, getting back to your question (do you ever wonder if I have a lot to I think you are on the right track trying to find clothes and a look which suits your body type, personality, and most important where you plan to go.
Like for instance during our long lockdowns here in Ontario for months about the only place I had to go was the grocery store. I know not so exciting, but at least I could dress up and go out. So mostly it was jeans and sweaters, sometimes a plain skirt and top with a coat in the cool weather. No way I was going to wear a tight mini skirt or pants like I wore to the gay bar a few weeks ago or a fur coat. Faux of course. (Love real vintage one though)

To see a dress or outfit one likes, and then to find something similar to that like is what we all do, and women do as well.

Another thing which doesn't seem to come up here, is age appropriate clothes. I honestly don't believe in that, just because you're not a young chick doesn't mean you can't were a mini skirt, as long as you can look good in it! When I was a kid a lot of older women were widows and only wore very conservative black dresses, but things have changed a great deal. At least here and in the US.
For me, I'm very nearly 69, and can still look good in a short skirt or dress so I'll wear something like that if I want too.

Again, and this is just me, I tend to wear either short dresses and skirts, or quite long ones. I just love wearing a floor length gown and particularly if it has a high slit up one side, so I can give a peak to some people of my legs.
(I have a story about an incident like this, PM if you want to hear it)
So I go for clothes which look good on you and your body, and the venue and area you are wearing them, and if you see a dress on a celeb or model you like, then try to find something similar for yourself.

Of course if it's just at home, then dress like that young hottie waiting for her lover to come home!

Lastly, and this might be the hardest part, a female mentor can help immensely but barring that the staff at Janet's.

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