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Scary Interaction Today
(07-22-2022, 08:16 PM)JodieLynne Wrote: I can't remember if I posted this before, but here is a video, produced by my company for Pride Month.
Hannaford's has been in the top 100 companies that support the LGBT+ community for the last 5 years
SPOILER:  It's me!

And I'm pretty sure I've posted THIS before, but it is worth repeating:

 You were great there Jodie! A great video and I'm so happy for you.

 Now the second video is also so amazing, and what she has to say is so true and I can identify with everything she said over the 11 or 12 minutes.
I've never seen of heard of Cici before, but what she said, and how she said it is so important, and I hope everyone here will take the time to watch it.
 This inspires me to write some more, but for me it's late and it deserves another thread so as not to hijack Jodie's.
 Thanks you Jodie for posting these!

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