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So, I told my pastor, finally.
I have been a lifelong dresser since I was 8.

Been to Janet's many times (at least 9 makeovers since I visited in 2004). Haven't had a lot of girl time in the last 3 years due to a lot of financial and mental issues). Anyway, after a long recovery. I am the beginning of rebuilding my wardrobe and finally had an opportunity to have a latest makeover, this time with a friend. 

Finally got nerve enough to tell my pastor about Stacie. I had written a journal entry on my fetlife page and had her read it.

My fetlife profile is or StacieStockman
I am curious as to what was your pastor's reaction.❤️❤️
Just an old CD
Hugs, Bernice  Heart
Yes, how did that go? It is usually so good to be able to open up about our femme sides as the hiding does wear on one.

I told my minister about Amy a few years ago and he was incredibly accepting of my diversity.
First off, my pastor is a woman and I attend an Episcopalian church (4 years).

I had my journal on my tablet open for her. She read it and afterwards I showed her my pictures. She was real excited that I trusted in her to tell her of my secret life. She said that Stacie is welcome as much as Dave.
Stacie, that's awesome! I was raised Episcopalian and most always found the church to be very accepting. Unfortunately, there are no Episcopal churches near me.
You can call me Taylor
Thanks great Stacie, so wonderful to hear.
My Church's take on it is that as long as you are being your true self it is good, if it's done to deceive, or as a joke then it's not so cool. I'm a member of the United Church of Canada.

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