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New girly girl here ?
Heyy girlies my name is Bailey Destiny Anna ? but all the boys call me barbie doll ? cause for one thing I'm a diva and I love being the center of attention ?‍♀️????or in other words I'm a pretty, skinny waisted blondie with long legs, big lips and a loud mouth and I say what I want girl!! My favorite color is pink everything just like a barbie doll ? I've secretly been a girl since I was 13 years old. I was a fucking mistake child in my mother's eyes and she was always very aggressive, mean and sadistic to me and only myself not my other siblings. I started to skip school in 7th grade, mom would be on her way to work and I was left alone to get on the bus everyday and my good friend who lived around the corner had a smoking hot sister and he was gay. His sister was a little older than us but I made it soo clear that she was a goddess too me and would be there after school with no parents around. My buddy was gay like I said but he was showing me one day how he liked to dress up girly and wear makeup and I secretly was very interested...he would dress up and shave everything put on wigs and was growing titties cause his parents allowed him to take hormones and I was soo jealous ngl. I loved to help him pick out outfits and do makeup plus we would both wait for the house to be empty and then go through all his mom's and sisters stuff and watch him trying it on and i started to get really horny as his transformation progressed but couldn't ever tell him that. One day I went over there and he was done with the hormone therapy, inviting me to his room and he said I had to close my eyes soo he blindfolded me and walked me upstairs and sat me down on a bed telling me to keep my eyes closed. His sister was standing in front of me and took my blindfold off, started to make out with me, sucking my tongue, licking my lips and feeling me up and down she takes her shirt off and then tells me to put my hands up her mini skirt and I can feel the lacey see through panties tight as she could wear with a matching bra see through lacey and now my cock is soo hard she unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock hard for a few minutes before taking it out, licked it all over and started to stroke it asking me how I liked it I of course loved every moment of it and suddenly she just stopped playing with it. Take your clothes off now I want to see your body she said soo I did til I was naked...she then went to the bathroom and said you better wait here and even put a blindfold back on me then a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and said I'll brb baby..30 seconds later the door swings open and they both walked in the room with smiles on laughing at me standing there naked and I was scared to death and said loudly what's this then I felt the cuffs tighten and was pushed into the bed as the door slammed shut and the lights were on. They took my blindfold off and I was looking at my friend and his sister both wearing sexy lil slutty lingerie costumes, makeup and lashes, long hair,  painted nails and slutty ass heels. I was trapped and very nervous about what was going on as they had started to feel me up giggling and kissing me. How would you like to have both of us baby his sister asked!? Idk I said nervously but they were laughing at me and he who now looked soo fucking sexy as a girl on top of his huge titties that he was putting in my face while his sister whispered in my ear look we know how you two were going through all mine and my mom's clothes and helping him dress up your telling me that you didn't want to maybe get all pretty too!? Suddenly she was sucking on my tongue saying mmmmm I know you are going to have soo much fun with us baby girl we've just gotta get you looking like a barbie doll first. They cut my clothes off and started to put makeup on me while showing me how they were going to dress me up and I was liking it very much. Once I was fully dressed up and all pretty, even gave me huge fake titties and a wig blonde with highlights and flashy makeup and then a pair of slutty ass heels I could barely walk in they started to take pictures of me, had me modeling and walking around the house teaching me how to walk like a girl even made me talk like a little girl and finally I couldn't help but feel like a little bad bicth I couldn't stop my cock from bulging through my pink lacey panties and I started to leak alot as they both were teasing me. Look what we have here and made me look down at my own cock what's going on with in those panties bicth huh? He was still pushing those huge titties in my face, undid his bra and his titties were the best I ever saw. Suck my titties slut he commanded me and I didn't hesitate til she grabbed my hair forcing my head upward while he forced a fat ring gag in my mouth slapping my face hard then sucking on my tongue. She was behind me putting on her huge strap on black cock dildo while he was standing over me, ripped my head back and slowly spit in my mouth and grabbing my cock inside my panties making them even more wet from my precum making me moan. Took his finger and rubbing my cock til I leaked alot more and covered his hand in my precum to then rub it on my lips saying I was a tasty little lollipop. Suddenly they both forced me to get up, teasing me and spanking my ass I start  drooling my lips forced open I'm made to get on my hands and knees while she is pulling my hair forcing me to look up at her when she orders me to lick her strapon drooling all over my face getting a huge black cock slapped on my tongue and stuffed in my mouth forcing me to gag and whimper as I suck it and I'm not gunna be a good little girl but I'm learning how to deep throat fat cock as she slaps my face hard making me cry like a pretty little slut with her makeup running down my face and her hand around my throat making sure I suck it good all while he is spanking my ass til its red and starts playing with my ass just like a little bicth wants it, now I'm gagging hard from the black cock being forced into my mouth til I scream begging for her to stop feeding me all the cock trying to beg for help with her first hand around my throat and the other pulling my hair forcing me to watch the cock being fed to me while she makes me look at her camera saying that I'm a pretty little slut forced to be a good little girl. Long story short is after that day I realized that I was really a girl in a boys body ? and ended up being both brother and sister's girlfriend for a couple years and was never happier than I was being theirs but unfortunately for me my mommy decided to pack up and move to another city after almost 9th grade and I eventually got caught by my mommy and since then I've been desperately looking for someone to be my man. I'm such a good girlfriend so loyal such a supportive and caring woman idc ? I'm such a ride or die bicth who is only totally down for one man and I'm guilty for being a peice of property for my daddy and I love how I feel like a fucking queen when you are going to be dominant and overly possessive over me ngl ?‍♀️??? I love a man who's going to take charge of his bicth who has secret desires and fantasies for his girl to fulfill on command!! Need to be grabbed by a big strong man and ordered to do whatever you want me to do whatever you wish....make me feel lcompletely dominated and I love being the sweet girl you love to taste and love to be a good little girl for you sir. You literally do anything to make me feel humiliated and like a  worthless little girl and I love being toyed with. I'm such a pretty little girl that needs to be punished and abused by the man who want to be with me for the rest of his life and tells me how fucking pretty I am, grabs my throat til I gasp for air cause I need to be manhandled and understands that I'm his little barbie doll that has to be played with and controlled by your hand on my ass just like barbie!!! I'm so fucking fun to have your way with I promise ? dress me up in the sluttiest outfits ? make sure all the boys are staring at your favorite girly girl and make me feel like I was a tasty little lollipop in front of all your friends ? ?
Well that certainly is a very hot intro from you. Wow. I hope you find your Daddy.

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